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Our new Web site, take two

Editor’s note: If it can go wrong, it does. Especially if you write a huge column in the newspaper announcing something is going to happen so that everyone is watching when things go south.

And so it was yesterday. For a variety of reasons, our new Web site did not go live until late afternoon. Even though I ran the column below encouraging everyone to visit and even though the lead story on what turned out to be our old Web site, welcomed readers with the excited announcement, “Welcome to the redesigned Sky-Hi Daily News.”

It’s just more character building. What I’ll do with all this character, I’m not sure.

Visit http://www.skyhidailynews.com.

We’ve been working hard on our Web site this past week, like desk ridden construction workers ” filling pages with stories and photos. And filling the future with plans.

At first, the redesigned Web site might take some getting used to, but in the end there are so many more features, I believe you’ll not only find it more useful, but more fun.

Let me give you a quick tour.

1. Scroll to the very bottom of the home page where you will see a calendar. Click on today’s date and you will see a listing of all the events going on in Grand County.

Click on the listing and you will be given all the information you need to know about that event, including a link to each organization’s Web site if we have it. At the bottom of the calendar listing, you will see two options ” “e-mail to a friend” or “add to my calendar.” The last function adds the event to your e-mail calendar or handheld device if you use either.

2. While you are looking at the calendar, click on “Submit Event.” A window will open asking you all the questions we need to know about your event. When you have completed the form, it will be e-mailed automatically to calendar editor Cyndi Palmer and, after she has read it, it will be posted on our Web site calendar for others to see.

3. Go back to the http://www.skyhidailynews.com homepage. To the right of today’s main stories, you will see a small blue square with a faceless person in it and the sentence, “Welcome, Guest.” Click on “Become a Member.” By filling out the form that appears, you will be given complete privileges on the site. You will be able to create a profile page ” much like MySpace or FaceBook, but geared toward Grand County.

You will be given the space to blog and post photos. And you will be given the ability to comment on all our stories. Our reporters, the news editor, the photographer and myself are in the process of setting up profiles and blogs about the newspaper and the stories we cover. With this new system, when you comment on a story or ask a question, a member of the staff or I will respond.

4. Click on the word “blogs.” You will find this in one of three different places. The word appears on your profile page if you decided to set one up. It also appears under the “Opinion” tab at the very top of the homepage; under the “Opinion” section halfway down the homepage.” Blog is an abbreviation of the phrase “Web log.”

Loosely, it’s a public journal of sorts, filled with commentary and photos. We have set up a few formal blogs that will begin to appear on this part of the site over the next couple weeks.

5. Watch for blogs by, among others:

– Carol Morales at Morales Farm. She will be writing about the growing season at her farm, the Granby Farmer’s Market and the progress of Grand Community Gardens.

She will offer gardening tips and readers can send her questions about growing at high altitude.

– Real estate columnist Brenda Kellen will comment on the market and offer advice to home buyers and sellers. She will also answer reader questions.

– Columnist Janet Day will be writing about arts and crafts.

– Personal trainer Jacqueline Wright will be blogging about fitness.

That should get you started.

Our goal is to publish a lot of what appears on the Web site in the print newspaper, but inevitably there will be a lot of content that is unique to the Internet.

Enjoy what you find. If you have questions, there’s a button in the middle of the page ” in a burgundy bar labeled “Current Features” ” that is full of questions and answers about our new site.

Since I’ll be in New England for the next week and a half enjoying the sweltering heat, contact publisher Kim Burner if you are having problems. Her e-mail address is kburner@grandcountynews.com. Her phone number is (970) 887-3334 ext. 19100.

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