People flower upon closer inspection |

People flower upon closer inspection

Larry Ebersole / Kremmling Crossroads
Kremmling, Colorado

Viewed from a distance, many areas of the Gore Range seem dressed in basic brown and green with a little white thrown in for contrast from the snow pockets that hang on through the warmer months. Walk through that same earth-colored patch and look closely, an entirely different look will reveal itself.

The intimacy of the hiking experience will expose a world of vivid color sure to burn itself into your memory. Throughout the fields of the Gore Range you will find a scattering of blue, purple, yellow and pink wildflowers of which I know the names of none. This doesn’t stop me from enjoying them in any regard and I could use my book that would aid in identifying them if I ever remembered to take it along.

On one recent walk I came across a yellowish green moss-covered pond surrounded by small but brilliantly colored purple and red flowers, simple yet beautiful. We will most certainly miss the true color of the mountains if we don’t look closely.

The same can be said of the communities spread throughout these mountains. It has become too easy and almost a habit to write off people in general as though every community reflected the view of modern society we often take away from the evening news.

I remember a science class in my first year of college that was so depressing they should have required counseling for those who attended. I started that class as a hopeful college student and walked out of it into an overpopulated world full of people with bad genes, which wouldn’t matter soon anyway as we would be out of fuel, food, water, and air shortly unless everyone was killed by a nuclear explosion first.

That was 20-some years ago – or more importantly, that many more generations taught that same view of the world. Why then when I look closely at my community, most everyone I meet seems to be a pretty decent person? I still feel comfortable taking people for their word and shaking hands instead of signing contracts. My son not only has good friends, I couldn’t pick better friends for him. That extends to their families as well.

Whenever I have needed help, someone who could help somehow found me. I know there is no utopia; every forest has its bad squirrels. I know of one really bad squirrel with malevolent intentions I could use as an example. My point is that until you experience some things closely, you won’t be aware of its true colors. This gibberish is from someone who moved up here to get away from people.

Speaking of people, it was great to see all the campers around for the holiday weekend. I don’t know if the local businesses experienced it in terms of sales, but it sure seemed like we had a good crowd.

The next big crowd should be at the Family Fun Night in the Kremmling Town Square Park. The evening will feature a round of bingo and a movie all scheduled for July 24. Check out the Chamber’s Web site for details.

– Please let me know about items of local interest at or P.O Box 564, Kremmling, CO 80459.

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