Question for the candidates, Grand County and otherwise: Do you believe in God? |

Question for the candidates, Grand County and otherwise: Do you believe in God?

Lawrence Norman / Faith Matters
Grand County, Colorado

On Oct. 2, I thought that I had finally made up my mind as to who I was going to vote for in this presidential race of so much importance. I thought I was using my faith. I thought that after examining all the facts as they were, I had definitely chosen a “winner.”

Then one night, it hit me like a ton of bricks. As I looked at my two girls sleeping soundly, I realized that whomever I voted for or put my faith in was going to impact the lives of these precious beings for the rest of their lives. A cold shiver came over me. I began to research both candidates to see if my choice was going to be the right one.

I began to look at both candidates to find commonality. I found that I had just as much in common with both.

One candidate is a veteran, and so am I. So was my father. So is my cousin (Lt. Col, USA Ret.). So is my sister (Smsgt, USAF, Ret.). Does this not count for something? One candidate is of African and American decent, and so am I. He also serves his community, and so do I. Both candidates are family oriented, and so am I. There were other candidates (26) that I hadn’t heard about, but I’m sure we had things in common as well.

Then I gave this matter the final test: Do you believe in God? It was here that a light began to shine. Ah yes, God. The supreme being. The One who guides each of us. The One who created us. The One who we call upon in times of need.

I began to look at all the needs that were unfulfilled in the lives of those around me. I began to hear the fears of people who had no other place to turn.

I began to ask these questions:

Which candidate has personally done something for my family and loved ones already?

Which candidate would be willing to fulfill their campaign promises if not elected?

Which candidate refuses to participate in name-calling and fault-finding?

Which candidate has the overall experience in all areas of government, leadership, and the ability to reason with other nations without threatening them with military force?

Which candidate has always had a balanced budget?

Which candidate would honor the sanctity of life, while allowing for freedom of choice?

Which candidate can protect my family, community, and country without having to use a “police presence?

Which candidate would be willing to sacrifice their child on behalf of a greater good for all mankind?

These were tough questions. I began to see a pattern. As the presidential race began to heat up, I began to see major flaws in not just the candidates, but the parties they both represented.

One party directed their candidate to “take the gloves off” and step up their personal attacks on the other because they had been being “too nice.” Was this Godly? I began to see gaping inconsistencies in many programs and campaign promises.

One candidate promises a $1,000 tax credit to all middle-class Americans. Wow, that’s a whole $88 a month to someone who is making over $7,000 a month. Another candidate promises a voucher system for the schools, but doesn’t tell poor people how they are going to get their children across town or to the suburbs for this “better education.”

I finally made my decision. I was going to vote for God as a write in. So I began to share my choice with others. Many of you can imagine the responses I have been receiving. I was surprised that even those who attend church each Sunday had a problem with my candidate.

People asked me why I was throwing my vote away. I was told that a vote for God was going to mean a vote for McCain. Really? A family member told me that voting for God was like voting for Captain Crunch. I explained that if I wanted to for McCain or Captain Crunch, then there is a box with his name on it and I would choose them.

But for this election, I was voting for God.

I have also had the intellectual rational that a vote for either candidate is the same as voting for God because even if I did vote for God, a person would still have to be the president. God, I’m told, is not real and the other two candidates are, but so are the other 26 candidates. Who told either our Democrats or the Republicans that they are the only persons fit to run this country?

Last Thursday, I was in Denver to visit the state Capitol and ask which elected officials believed in God and who would be willing to vote for God on Nov. 4.

Amazingly, no one was available for comment. So I began to ask people out in front of our state Capitol. People like you and me. Some worse off, but all just like you and me. The results of the straw poll showed God was chosen 4-1 over the current leader in this race. One candidate did not receive a single vote, which I thought was unfortunate.

On my way back to Grand County, I had a chance to speak with Dawn, a local mother who lives in Granby Jones. She was in Denver to be by the side of her son David who was seriously injured in an unfortunate shooting incident. David had been on and off life support. Dawn was concerned that her son might not make it. After a heartfelt hug, I asked her who she was voting for in this election. Through the tears on her face, she began to smile and said “God.”

What? God? Why would a person vote for God at a time like this? Could she just call her local state representative? Maybe the mayor. How about the governor? It would be hard to call either of the candidates, because I tried to. I sent over 20 e-mails to one candidate asking if they would vote for God, and I kept getting computer generated messages thanking me for my support. When I did finally get a message that resembled a direct answer, they merely said that their candidate was a man of FAITH.

Faith? Faith in what? Faith in the stock market that has lost over 3,000 points in the last month? Faith in our educational system, which is now 23rd in the world? Faith in our military to bring peace, while continually engaging in warfare? Faith in our justice system? What type of faith was this candidate speaking of?

This past Sunday, I called Dawn to see how David was doing. I told her that I had talked with our candidate (God) and it was arranged for her past-due mobile home lot rent to be forgiven. She quietly spoke as she informed me that David had been on life support since early that morning. My heart began to sink. As soon as I was off the phone, I asked the group of friends and children I was with to please gather so that we could offer up a prayer on behalf of David. I called others too. Needless to say, when I spoke to Dawn on Tuesday, she informed me that late Sunday, David’s condition began to change. By Monday, he was off life support, moving and refusing pain medication. He also began to move his mouth. Amazing.

I wondered what would have happened if Dawn had chosen another candidate.

Would she have gotten this or any response. It’s hard to say during a tight election.

Candidates just aren’t available because they are trying to get elected. But rest assured, after the election they will be ready to answer your constituent concerns (prayers?) whenever you need them, right? Wrong. Each candidate is too busy to answer even the simplest concern, much less a life-threatening one … except God.

My Faith is built on many years of suffering here in America. My Great-grandfather Van Causey was a slave. At that time in America, citizens (loose term) who looked like me had nothing to look forward to but pain, suffering, and the here-after, so they prayed to God for a better day for their children. My grand parents in Mississippi prayed to God and had Faith that by sending their children to school, and helping their fellow man, this would pave the way to better conditions. As a child, I was raised in the church and taught about God and to put my trust and Faith in God for all things.

Today I am told that all my people and those I have looked to for direction were all wrong. I am told that in the worst of times I should put my faith in people and parties. I should turn away from God and vote for “someone, anyone even Captain Crunch.”

Well, folks, I refuse to do that. The God I believe in changes things immediately, even if God is not elected. The God I know welcomes anyone to participate in the campaign, including Republicans and Democrats. My candidate is asking all supporters to go into their communities and create a place that our candidate (God) would be proud of. That’s why we selected Granby Jones here locally.

I think that’s why out of 12 people polled in Denver, God received nine votes among the common people. That’s why a mother who had a dying son knew who to vote for. As a matter of fact, now that David is recovering (The Dr. From Craig Hospital called David’s recovery a “Miracle”), he is a registered voter and who do you think he’s going to vote for?

If Faith matters, then should there be any choice on Nov. 4? If we are asked to place our faith in the hands of one who has a proven record of responding and making changes for the better, is there really any other choice? Do we not believe that it was this Faith that began this country? Or is it just rhetoric, like what is written on our currency (in “God” we trust)?

Please ask yourself this. In times like these who do you want making decisions for you, a person uncommitted to anything, a person who doesn’t believe in God, or a person who is believes in God? Who do you want taking in your savings at the bank? If you are losing your house and life savings, who can do anything about this? Who do you want as police chief, or mayor? If you are one of the millions of voters who has yet to vote, there is still time to review all the candidates, including the 26 who no one wants you to know about. Maybe there is someone who will stand up as a leader and say without fear, “Yes I believe in God. I recognize that without God I can do nothing. If it is God’s will, I humbly submit my life as a servant of your people to lead this country.” Now is that a campaign promise or what?

Here is a list of businesses, organizations and governmental agencies that we have elected or entrusted to serve us, honestly and fairly. Call them and ask if they believe in God and who they will vote for on Nov. 4.

Governor’s Office, State Senate, State House of Representatives, County Commissioner’s office, Towns of Granby, Kremmling, Grand Lake, Fraser, and Hot Sulphur, All Grand County Police Departments, all Grand County Banks, Sen. Obama, Sen. McCain, The Democratic Party, The Republican Party.

The answer from this search will tell you who you should have Faith in on Nov. 4th. If it never has meant so much before, your FAITH MATTERS today! Peace and God Bless! And if you get a chance, call Dawn and ask her who her son David is voting for.

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