Skiing and Snowboarding Prep Skills and Drills Program/ Second in a four-part series |

Skiing and Snowboarding Prep Skills and Drills Program/ Second in a four-part series

Jackie Wright / The Fitness Trail
Grand Lake, CO Colorado

This week we will concentrate on full body, multi-planar, multi-directional skills/drills which improve fluidity and smoothness of movement during turns and edging, responding seamlessly to changes in terrain creating efficiency and effectiveness as you ski and snowboard. Our fitness training tools this week will be the BOSU Balance Trainer, Gliding Discs, and a medicine ball.

The photographs demonstrate the drills supported by the written descriptions. Set up this drill circuit program in the suggested sequence performing each station for 75 seconds (i.e. 30 second exertion interval/15 second active recovery interval-switch sides where applicable/30 second exertion interval/15 seconds advancing to next station). You may repeat this sequence one-five times depending upon your fitness level, two-three non-consecutive days/week.

Always warm-up for five minutes on the floor without the equipment simulating the drills you will be performing on the equipment. Then, attempt a slower, lower intensity version on the equipment prior to beginning the circuit for an additional five minutes. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

Week One Drills Program

Prior to all drills, begin standing with the legs shoulder distance apart, shoulders rotated back/down, rib cage lifted, navel pulled toward the spine, pelvic floor pulled up/in, and the knees relaxed.

Front/Back Lunges – BOSU Balance Trainer – demonstrated by Grace Knight, a junior in high school and a team member of the Winter Park Competition Center where her discipline is park and pipe snowboarding.

Perform this drill from the floor until you have it mastered prior to attempting it on the BOSU. *Photo BH26118

Step forward with the left leg onto the BOSU, right leg trails behind, lowering the body downward, flexing the knee joints approximately 90 degrees, weight predominately in the left heel and the right heel elevated. *Photo BH26120

Then, push off from the left heel drawing that leg back into a back lunge flexing the knee joints 90 degrees, the weight predominately in the right front heel and the left heel elevated. *Photo BH26123

Repeat the sequence smoothly with no hesitation between the front/back lunges.

Twist – BOSU Balance Trainer

The key with this drill is to keep your shoulders facing “downhill” as your hips swivel right/left. Master this drill from the floor prior to attempting from the BOSU.

Begin facing forward, shoulders/hips/knee/toes all square. *Photo BH26265

Press down into the BOSU with your lower body and swivel the hips to the right side; then to the left. You will “catch some air” between sides. *Photos BH26276; BH26281

Side Lunge/Back Squat w/Gliding Disc/Medicine Ball

Place one Gliding Disc under the ball of the right foot, placing the majority of your body weight into the left heel; holding a medicine ball. *Photo BH26391

Hinging from the hips, slide the disc out to the right side until your buttocks are facing the wall behind you, pressing the medicine ball forward at shoulder height. There is little or no weight on the disc side as the disc must be able to slide freely. *Photo BH26393 then BH2689

Utilizing the hip adductors (inner thighs) and the glutes/hamstrings/quadriceps on the left side, drive your body back into an upright position pulling the legs together and the medicine ball back to the chest. *Photo BH26391

Jackie Wright is the owner/manager of Never Summer Fitness, LLC located in Grand Lake, Colorado. She may be reached at her website at, her email at, her blog at and her Facebook page at Never Summer Fitness.

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