Susan Stone: Unconditional puppy love – recipe for dog biscuits |

Susan Stone: Unconditional puppy love – recipe for dog biscuits

Susan StoneHighland Foodie

With Valentine’s Day in mind, I caught up with Frederic Silber last week as he and his aunt were baking dog biscuits. Puppy love has gone big-time for these two, who plan to sell bags of these treats at the Fourth Annual Cupid’s Corner Valentine gift boutique.Frederic, a 9-year-old in Mrs. Kalinowski’s third grade class at Fraser Elementary School, likes cooking because he finds it, interesting. He spends after-school time with his aunt Francie DeVos and plays with her dogs and does homework when they’re not baking something delicious. His 6-year-old sister is Lydia and their pet cat is Cat (Stevens). His parents are Jay and Carmen Silber.Frederic has diverse interests: His favorite subject is science, he took the third place medal in his age group, which included 13-year-olds, at the 2007 Rail Jam (he was only 8 years old at the time). Apparently, his 360s are masterful. Bruce Springsteen, Matisyahu (for Chomp It Down) and Flyleaf are his MP-3 best hits.He skateboards and plays soccer and is learning to play golf. His favorite book is Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder. He caught a 24-inch long big mouth bass in his grandpa’s fishing pond in Kansas City when he was only 4 years old. His favorite meal is Uncle Friday’s mac and cheese, although he does like crab sushi.Frederic’s more into puns than jokes and he wasn’t buying it when I told him his aunt used to be a tightrope walker during her days with the circus. His dad thinks he has a big nose, so at Christmas, Frederic made him a card that read, Santa nose when you’ve been good or bad.He most admires his mom and dad and a professional snowboarder named Shaun White, aka the Flying Tomato, who just set a record for seven gold medals at the X-Games in Aspen. Frederic plans to give Valentines cards and candy to his whole class and to most of the teachers. He doesn’t have any girlfriends, but he does know what love is. He says, You love your family. Your parents love you by taking care of you when you are sick.The family cat gives lots of love, and is very funny. Frederic says Cat seems to sense the importance my dad places on the hardwood floors. Cat runs laps around the house and when he makes turns, his claws scratch the floor. But he also finds the best spot on my parent’s bed and he cuddles in my bed.Frederic’s favorite candy is homemade – again, at his aunt Francie’s house. They created a candy made of dark chocolate mixed with cranberries, raisins, peanuts and cookie crumbles covered in white chocolate, which Frederic dubbed, Albino Cow pies. Hmm, sounds like a recipe they need to share with us.Perfected over several years, Francie DeVos says the recipe given here is, Enthusiastically approved by my dogs Blanche, Cuervo & Freeta Goodhome. Cuervo is a very picky eater and he loves them. They’re also endorsed by Cat (Stevens) – who prefers a sprinkling of catnip added. Freeta Goodhome says, They’re good raw. Francie and Frederic have made more bags than ever because, They’re big sellers.I like making the dog biscuits, said Frederic as he gave technique pointers like not folding over the dough on itself when rolling them out as that creates wrinkles in the dough which turn to cracks when baked. You can re-roll the scraps too, I’ve gotten as many as twelve rolls from one batch. Just gather the scraps, squish them into a ball, flatten and roll.This year’s Cupid’s Corner free-admission event at the Fraser Historic Church, Saturday, Feb. 9, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. benefits the Middle Park Land Trust. With over 20 vendors selling tempting gifts ranging from candy bouquets to handmade crafts, skin care, art and photography prints, to wearable art, jewelry accessories and gourmet chocolates, one is bound to find the perfect token of affection for the love in one’s life.Tail-Waggin’ Good Dog Biscuits2 3/4 cups whole-wheat flour1/2 cup powdered milk1 tsp. salt1/4 teaspoon garlic powder*1 egg2 jars baby food (any meat flavor)8 to 10 Tbsp. water6 Tbsp. vegetable oilCombine all in a bowl and mix on low for about two to three minutes. Roll out to about 1/4-inch thick using as little flour as possible to prevent sticking. Cut out biscuits and place close together on un-greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees F. for 25 minutes. Depending upon the size of cutter used, recipe makes approximately two to four dozen biscuits.*NOTE: Don’t substitute onion powder as it, like chocolate, can make your dog very sick.Love is the most important ingredient. In life and in recipes, love is all there is.- Contact Susan Stone at (970) 531-1952 or with recommendations, suggestions or clarifications.

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