The Night Before Christmas @yourlibrary |

The Night Before Christmas @yourlibrary

Grand County Library District
Grand County, CO Colorado

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the shelves

Many people were stirring. Were some of them elves?

The books were sorted by author with care.

With hopes that a volunteer would soon be there.

The kids were seated in front of computers

Some playing games, some accessing tutors

And mom with her latte, and a local bank teller

Had come in to borrow a recent best-seller.

When out in the lobby there arose such a noise

Customers grumbled “It’s just teen-aged boys.”

To the lobby I went to lay down the law.

But the kids were just looking outside with great awe.

One excited 6th grader a scream did produce

“It’s jolly St. Nick and eight largish bull moose!”

Grumbling and stumbling, and thumping they came

Santa whistled and shouted and called them by name;

“Now Perry! Now Berry! Now Updike and Tolstoy!

On Karon! On Binchley! On Grisham and Conroy!

To library book drop! Past new Town Hall!

Now clomp away , clomp away, clomp away all!”

So up to the drop the moose took St. Nick

And into the slot, new books did he stick.

He spoke not a word ’til he finished his work

Then he and his bulls turned with a jerk

And laying his hand on a DVD stack.

Asked “May I please borrow these? If I bring them back?”

I nodded yes, “But I hate to be hard –

Do you, by chance, have your library card?”

With a wink and a grin he held out his plastic

“By the way, you’re collection’s fantastic!”

Once finished he turned back to his boys

“Let’s go, we still have to deliver some toys.”

Joining his team, he let out a whistle

And off they went, like a big hairy missile.

I heard him exclaim as he clomped out of sight

“Happy reading to all, and to all a good night.”

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