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Turn Back the Pages: Jan. 31, 2008

by Cyndi Palmer
Sky-Hi Daily News

Five years ago, the town of Granby covered several aspects of the annexation of the SolVista Golf and Ski Ranch to the town. Amendments and changes were made to the Planned Development Overlay, a document that spelled out a new layer of zoning for the area that was not the same as the town’s zoning.

– Two local men were killed when an aircraft they were riding in collided with another airplane. They were passengers in a single-engine Cessna 172 Skyhawk piloted by a friend and were on their way to Cheyenne, Wyo. after taking off from Centennial Airport. The Cessna collided with a twin-engine Piper Cheyenne II that had taken off from Jefferson County Airport, killing its two occupants as well. As a result of the crash, the Federal Aviation Administration was reviewing air-traffic patterns over northwest Denver where the accident occurred.

– The Grand County Board of County Commissioners approved a contract that allowed local police to patrol dams in the county. The patrol would be operated by off-duty sheriff deputies, and the Sheriff Department would use the revenue to buy a new vehicle exclusively for the patrol.

– Bedsled racers from the Grand Lake Lodge earned first place during competition at the annual Winter Carnival. Meanwhile, Bob King, Steve Cormey and Judy Kish won best costume dressed as members from TV show MASH for the human bowling event. And, the new, privately operated Residence at Hilltop assisted living facility opened its doors in the old Church of Eternal Hills in Granby.

Ten years ago, the “Western Union Bandit” was back in jail after he jumped a $50,000 bond in Grand County on charges of criminal impersonation and theft. The man had been passing himself off as Sheriff Rod Johnson to extort money from unwary people. Following his arrest by Wichita police, he was brought to Grand County where he was charged. But then he had disappeared until he was taken into custody in Denver, this time posing as a Burger King executive to bilk businesses using the same Western Union con game.

– The Grand Lake Board of Trustees discussed a rumored effort to ban snowmobiles from Grand Lake’s streets. A group against the effort was present at the town meeting to support maintaining the policy of allowing snowmobilers access to the town. In response to a query as to the truth of the rumor that a petition was being circulated calling for banishing of snowmobiles from town, the town manager said no such petition was in existence.

– Grand County sales tax revenue inched closer to the $2 million mark at the end of 1997, up almost $100,000 over 1996. Sales tax income had nearly doubled in the last decade, reaching $1,816,140.97 in 1997. Projections in other income funds also showed signs of significant increases.

– Grand County and five other northwestern counties in the state were awarded federal funds for emergency food and shelter programs. The counties were chosen to receive $13,793 to supplement their emergency programs.

– Jordan Rowe and Monte McCune announced their wedding engagement. Middle Park High Schoolers were treated to a magic show by world-renowned illusionist and magician Andre Kole. And, the Denver Broncos football team won Super Bowl XXXII.

Twenty-five years ago, seven “incorporators” were elected to set up bylaws for a proposed Kremmling Area Development Association. Almost 80 ballots were sent to interested Kremmling area residents with a little over 60 returned for a surprising 79 percent participation rate. Those elected were Gary Miller, Paul Nichols, Dennis Jones, Ed Opitz, Paul Ohri, Leo Land, and Dr. E. G. Ceriani.

– Silver Spruce Senior Apartments was expected to receive its final inspection by the Housing and Urban Development office, to be followed b a certification acceptance from the Town of Kremmling. The Senior Nutrition Site was expected to be moved to the senior apartments after the town gave its certificate of occupancy.

– A 45-year-long decline in U.S. farm numbers was apparently broken in 1982, but not by the traditional full-time farm, according to Extension Office columnist Dwayne Flinn. Of 8,000 new units that showed up in the 1981 farm count, most were estimated to be small, part-time farms incapable of generating enough income to fully support a family.

– Kevin Clark and Christy Jones announced their wedding engagement. Yvonne Griesch was retiring as Granby’s town clerk after 14 years of service (Darlene McClung would be the new town clerk). Wilton Burke, born Jan. 7, was the first baby born in the new year at Kremmling Memorial Hospital. And, elementary students in the East Grand School District were introduced to a new supplement to their education: The Apple Computer.

Fifty years ago, the Rio Grande Railroad asked the District Court in Denver to reverse a ruling of the Public Utilities Commission which refused the carrier permission to discontinue running two trains daily between Denver and Craig. A petition filed with the court asserted that the railroad asked permission to discontinue running trains to the Yampa Valley terminal on the ground that it lost $153,633 in 1956 on the operation and that less than nine passengers per day used the trains.

– With the cooperation of the Knorr Brothers of west Grand County and the Squibb Medical Institute of New Jersey, arrangements had been made by Dr. R.M. Teegarden to test yearling steers on summer range for gains with the use of hormone implants containing estradiol and progesterone. Results showed that each steer implanted gained an average 34.02 pounds more than those not implanted.

– Utah officials accepted the federal route designation through the southern part of the state. The Colorado State Highway Department was ordered by Gov. McNichols to make an immediate start on route studies for the 328-mile interstate highway through western Colorado.

– Jan Shoffner was chosen the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow from Kremmling Union High School. Rabies shots for dogs were scheduled at the Fire Hall in Kremmling. Mrs. Fred McMahon and boys were visiting Hot Sulphur Springs at the homes of Mrs. Bob Logan and Mrs. Skip Weimer “while Chuckie skied.” And, after accompanying a patient to the U.S., 1st Lt. Barbara Spitzmiller Tazer visited with her parents in Grand Lake before heading back to her station in Spain.

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