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What ‘Central’ in Central View really means

Beware of taking ideas out of context. It will always get you in trouble.

Ask any politician and they are sure to have a horror story about different reactions to the same comments, depending on the audience.

For that matter, ask any adult who’s been alive long enough to open his or her mouth, and they’ll probably have a similar story to tell.

Take our local example.

William Hamilton has been writing a column for this newspaper since the new daily format launched on Oct. 15. Since then, I have received many compliments about his writing. And I have received one complaint ” over and over.

Why does he call it “Central View” when he is obviously writing from the right?

Readers argue that he shouldn’t be allowed to use that name ” that it’s misleading.

In fact, it’s not so much misleading as it is out of context.

The “central” in “Central View” refers to the Midwest ” or the point of view of a man writing from the flyover states in the center of the country.

Hamilton began writing “Central View” in the early 1980s in Lincoln, Neb. (Lincoln is about 126 miles from the center of the United States.)

When Hamilton began syndicating the column around the country, he kept the name as a reference to his geographic location.

Hamilton prides himself in researching and writing on topics that will be of interest to people in those “fly-over states.” He tackles issues that might be ignored by ” to quote Hamilton ” the “group think” of the East and West Coast media outlets. And, in this vein, he continues to use the term “central” to describe his point of view.

The entire history of “Central View” is detailed under the heading “Column History” at the Web site http://www.central-view.com.

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