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William Hamilton – Climategate: The books were cooked

William Hamilton / Central View
Grand County, CO Colorado

By now, everyone, with the exception of those whose only source of information is the state-run, Sinistra Media, knows about the e-mail traffic between climatologists at the Climate Research Center at East Anglia University and their fellow climatologists at: Penn State, at Amherst, and at the University of Arizona.

Those climatologists should post a sign right above their computer keyboards: “Until you hit SEND, nothing bad happens.”

Something terribly bad has happened to them because the supposedly secret e-mails between the band of brothers committed to global warming reveal that climatologists at Penn State, Amherst, the University of Arizona and England’s East Anglia University have been engaged in a conspiracy to hide data that the planet is cooling, to apply pressure to scientific journals to exclude studies casting doubt on their theories of global warming, to hide data being requested under the Freedom of Information Act that would discredit global warming, and to delete any data in their files that would support the existence of global cooling.

In other words, some of the leading scientists in the field of global warming have been telling each other that the data no longer support what they have been preaching and that they must take steps to keep others from finding out that they have been committing academic fraud.

If what these climatologists have been saying in what they thought was private to each other is true, then there is no need for the Koyoto Protocols, no need for the U.N. Conference on Climate in Copenhagen, no need for Cap and Trade (Crap on American Trade) legislation. Because it was based on a lie, then there was no need for Al Gore’s award-winning movie

Unless the Obamessiahs in the White House have cut off all communications with the outside world, they have to know about these bombshell e-mails. So, here is what Mr. Obama needs to do: Go to Copenhagen. Take center stage and explain that the data on global warming and global cooling are, to say the least, confused. Therefore, an independent panel composed of leading scientists who believe in global warming, and leading scientists who do not believe in global warming, and leading scientists who have yet to make up their minds should be convened. Meanwhile, Cap on Trade and other climate-change legislation will be put on hold.

Suddenly, Mr. Obama would be perceived as a man who puts the truth before politics. While the state-run Sinistra Media would be disappointed to admit that our planet has been cooling since 1998, they would have a new reason to heap praise on Mr. Obama.

But hold the phone. All this cooling vs. warming debate misses the essential point: We only have this one planet and we need to keep it as clean and toxin-free as possible. We can’t keep filling up our rivers and streams and landfills with chemicals that will eventually leach into our underground water supplies. We must do more to capture snow and rain in reservoirs. We must learn new ways to consume the Earth’s bounty without insulting the Earth with the leftover parts we no longer use or don’t want.

Mr. Obama could show leadership by leading a crusade to clean up Mother Earth. Not because of global warming or global cooling, but because we’ve lost our Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, and we need to get it back.

We do not need products over-packaged to the point that the discarded packaging takes up more room in landfills that the product. We need to be more conservation conscious. Metals, rubber and other materials need to be recycled. We need to substitute elbow grease for harsh kitchen chemical cleaners. You get the point.

Will Mr. Obama acknowledge that the global warming books have been cooked? Let’s watch and see.

– Syndicated columnist, William Hamilton, J.D., Ph.D., is a graduate of Oklahoma, the George Washington University, the U.S. Naval War College, Nebraska University and Harvard. He and his co-author are about to finish their third thriller about terrorism directed against the United States.

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