EGSD Board appoints Raegner |

EGSD Board appoints Raegner

The East Grand School District (EGSD) Board of Education has a new member.

On Monday Nov. 14 the EGSD Board of Education voted to appoint Ed Raegner to the Board to represent District No. 4 within the EGSD. District No. 4 encompasses the Fraser and Winter Park areas east of US Highway 40.

Raegner replaces outgoing Board member Bambi Statz who resigned from her seat on the Board of Education on Nov. 1, 2016. Statz’s resignation earlier this month was prompted by plans she has to relocate her primary residence outside of the confines of District No. 4.

Members of the EGSD Board of Education must live within the specific district they represent within the EGSD. If any board member moves outside of their representative district, as Statz plans to do, that individual must resign from the Board. At the time of her resignation Statz said, “I do this with great regret. I have enjoyed this opportunity to be part of this school district.”

East Grand’s Superintendent Frank Reeves was saddened by the circumstances that required Statz’s resignation but was also excited about moving forward with the work of the District with Raegner on the Board.

“As a Superintendent I am sorry to see Bambi have to leave the Board as she was a supportive Board member for our schools,” Reeves stated. “At the same time I am extremely happy Ed is joining us. I have met with Ed and we have had great conversations about our District and the future. I am confident that we will become a better District because community members like Ed want to be involved.”

Raegner’s appointment to the Board marks the third appointment of a member to the EGSD Board of Education in just slightly over one-year. The EGSD Board of Education is a governing body whose members are typically chosen through a vote of the people. The Board appoints members to fill any vacancies created between standard election cycles.

In early Nov. 2015 current Board member Phil (Phillip) Brooks was appointed to the Board of Education. Brooks’ appointment was the result of a unique set of circumstances involving timing. In the fall of 2015 then Board Vice President Donald Scott announced he was not planning to seek reelection. His announcement came after the deadline to file a petition to run for a seat on the Board had already passed. The Board appointed Brooks on Nov. 3.

Recently resigned Board member Bambi Statz was also appointed to the Board of Education. In Jan. 2016 then Board member Chip Besse resigned from his seat on the Board citing, “professional and personal” reasons. Besse himself was initially appointed to the Board in 2011.

Statz appointment to the EGSD Board of Education occurred in Feb. 2016.

The Board selects replacement Board members for appointment through an application process. Those looking to join the Board submit letters of interest as well as resumes. Additionally the Board often holds interview sessions with prospective candidates. When the Board selected Raegner in mid-Nov. they chose from a set of three candidates including: Raegner, Maura McKnight and Kris Holinka.

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