Cabin Creek carves niche in mountain home building |

Cabin Creek carves niche in mountain home building

by Cyndi PalmerGrand County Homes and Properties

From additions and remodels to guest cabins and 9,000 square-foot mountain estates, Cabin Creek Carpentry, Ltd. and Owner Jamie Smith have been offering a full array of construction services to Grand County for more than a decade.The company has earned a reputation as one of the top custom homebuilders in the county. What makes our business stand out from the rest is our attention to detail in budgeting, scheduling, and customizing home plans to fit our clients needs and desires; our use of unique materials including reclaimed barn lumber, logs, including pine beetle kill, and rusted metal; and quality craftsmanship in every detail, Smith said.The first 10 years in business in the Fraser Valley have been a rewarding experience, Smith said, adding that hes had the pleasure to work with many fine people and to have contributed to the beauty of the valley by building homes that stand out for their uniqueness while blending into their natural surroundings.In the years to come, Smith said the company hopes to continue to build homes in the Valley with the individualized attention we feel (customers) deserve. He also hopes to expand the companys offerings, including more environmentally sound products and practices.Among the long list of current building services for both local residents and guests wanting to build in the Fraser Valley, Smith and his team of skilled carpenters, designers and architects make sure to keep clients well informed, and frequently e-mail updates and photos to those out of town. CCC also has the capability of doing its own specialty work on logs and timbers, eliminating time constraints created from markup and schedule problems.CCC makes it a priority to first build a detailed construction budget, which breaks down the costs to around 60 different line items. Each line item is carefully budgeted so that the project doesnt get out of hand, and then professionals work with the client to make decisions about where the expenses are going.Cabin Creek Carpentry assists customers with the design to ensure their project can be built with efficiency. One of the companys main goals is to deliver value for the dollar and an end product that you will be in love with. Because of the high demand for contractors, subcontractors and carpenters in the area and the countys proximity to the Front Range, Smith said he looks for subcontractors who are going to stand behind their work for a long time to come, not just as long as you can see their tail lights. To reach this goal, competitive bids are gathered for the various parts of each project from subcontractors with proven track records.Jamie Smith and his Cabin Creek crew were a delight to work with. They have a high regard for building a quality product and their attention to detail is outstanding, said customers Paul and Rosie Hollrah. Jamie gave us a very realistic estimate of the total costs before we started and his budget was right on target with the finished product. Most important to us, Jamie has the integrity that you wished was possessed by everyone you dealt with in the business world.Every job is managed through a project supervisor who ensures execution of each of the many phases and team members are Valley residents. Most of them have been with the company since its beginning, and are familiar with the area and its challenges (well and septic design, snow load and storage, and shedding considerations).Smith and his team are more than eager to show potential customers the companys building and budget methods, as well as current building projects in the Winter Park area available for inspections and tours. Whether you desire a rustic cabin, a luxurious mansion, or something in between, Cabin Creek will go the extra mile to help you reach your dream, Smith said. His team of supervisors and carpenters are dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship in every detail of every house. We take pride in our work and enjoy creating homes that people will fall in love with.The company is a member of the Winter Park/Fraser Valley Chamber of Commerce. Cabin Creek Carpentry, Ltd. General Contracting & Carpentry Services is located in Winter Park Station in downtown Winter Park. To reach them call (970) 726-9037 or (970) 531-9037, e-mail or visit

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