Forever Young: RESPECT – Find out what it means to me |

Forever Young: RESPECT – Find out what it means to me

Damaris Acevedo
Forever Young editor
Middle Park High School

GRANBY – Each and every person knows, or should know, what the Golden Rule is: “Treat others how you wish to be treated.”

When I hear this saying, I think of respect toward people. To respect someone is to “show regard or consideration for; or to hold in esteem or honor,” according to

It is in our morals that children respect their parents, students respect their teachers and employees respect their employers. However, it works both ways.

The fact that a person could be older or have a higher position than you does not mean they cannot respect you in return. You deserve as much respect as they do because you have proved you deserve it. No one is above anyone else. We are all the same and therefore, we should be treated equally with respect.

If you work hard, comply with their wishes and treat them nicely, you most definitely deserve that person’s respect. For example, if you’re an employee who has shown a strong work ethic and a bright personality, you should not receive any disrespect from your employer because you give them no reason too.

But because we are imperfect humans, people can become cocky and think they are above everyone else. If this happens, do not stoop to their level. Treat them with the equal respect you have given them and, perhaps, they will recognize that you do not deserve the disrespect they have given you.

If they do not recognize their error, talk to them and take other measures if necessary. Always remember to be the bigger person and show them a good example of respect. You’d be surprised how many people, even if they don’t admit it, realize their wrong-doings and change.

I still agree with the saying that respect is not given, but earned. However, I feel everyone deserves some kind of respect. To those you do not know, you treat them with kindness of a stranger. To your family, you respect them by obeying your parents and working alongside with your relatives. To your employers and employees, you respect them by working together as a team and following orders.

The more you get to know someone you realize what kind of person they are and how much respect they deserve from you. If they treat you as a person and not as a slave, a terrorist or an animal, I’d say they deserve that same respect in return.

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