Grand County Real Estate Transactions |

Grand County Real Estate Transactions

Editors note: A running list of real estate transactions appears in the Grand County Homes and Properties every week. The publication is inserted into the Friday edition of the Sky-Hi Daily News. A complete list of transactions is also published in our weekly subscription paper The Middle Park Times.Red Quill Village Townhomes, Lot 2 Village Center Winter Park LLC to Daniel and Ann Abrell, $449,000 Red Quill Village Townhomes, Lot 1 – Village Center Winter Park LLC to Karl and Susan Swensen, $532,996 Fairways at Pole Creek Ph 1 & Open Space, Lot 2 2 – 1700-15th Street LLP to ECG Real Estate Holdings LLC, $332,500 Leland Creek Sub, Lot 68 GC Partners LLC to Warren and Elizabeth Anderson, $290,000 SEC 8 TWP 1N R 80W Dennis Carpenter to Mustangville LLC, $169,500 Rabbit Ears Village Subdivision, Lot 8 Paul and Sandy McConnell to Miroslav Lipcik, $38,000 Fairways at Pole Creek Phase 1 & Open Space, Lot 2, 61 Esther Lee and Sangyoung Lee to Hallmark Family Trust, $555,000 Summit at SilverCreek, Bldg 2, Unit 2102 Judith and Robert Daniel, Jr. to Christopher Anderson and Sonya Callahan, $135,500 Eagle Ridge on the Summit-Ph I, Unit 17, Bldg Winterset Eagle Ridge Summit, LLC to Loryl and Justin Tabone, $378,000 Zephyr Mountain Lodge Condo Bldg 1 & 2, Unit 2301 Dennis Locke to Scott and Donna Ellsworth, $385,000 Iron Horse Bldg C Condo, Unit 5093 Michael Medkiff to Thomas Bromberg and Mary Cetrulo, $189,000 Coyote Creek @ Winter Park AMD FL Plat, Units 30, 31, 35, 36, 39, 40, Lot 24 M3 Colorado LLC to Rondeau Construction Inc, $450,000 Granby Ranch Filing 1, Lot 24 Village Homes Colorado Inc. to Michael and Molly Lush, $514,031 Inn at SilverCreek Ph I Condo, Block 16, Lot 7 Richard and Jo Caissie to William A. Sidwell Jr. Family Trust, $477,000 Iron Horse Junction Condominiums, Unit 1 Art and Jo Olson to Catherine Trotter, $280,000 Rabbit Ears Village Subdivision, Lot 11 Dan and Charlotte Ruffin to Joseph and Dorothy Fucetola, $55,000 Granby Ranch Filing 6, Lot 20 Stanley Young to Grand View LLC, $118,000 Winter Park Ranch 3rd Filing, Block 2, Lot 2 Keith and Ann Sanders to George Villanyi, $165,000 Old Park Filing #2, Block A, Lot 17 Ty Mattern to Joanne and William Hill, $650,000 Winter Park Ranch 3rd Filing, Block 3, Lot 35 – George Villanyi to Keith and Ann Sanders, $695,000 Granby Ranch Filing 5 First Administrative Plat, Lot 16 Village Homes Colorado Inc to William Lapham II and Shelley Barrington, $408,877 Pond View Ridge Condominiums, Unit 2 AADKK LLC to Dean Kostelecky, $240,000 Triple H Subdivision Second Filing, Lots 19, 20 David and Jane Baylog to Richard and Jill Decrescentis, $325,000 Trail Creek Estates 2nd Filing, Lot 78, 3rd Filing Lot 138 Tracy and Anthony Baldo to Franco and Terasa Serafini, $315,000 Sunnyside Addn to Grand Lake, Block 3, Lot 41 Stephen and Ann Moore to Morris King, $996,000 Granby Ranch Filing 10, Lot 33 Granby Realty Holdings LLC to Christiaan and Evalina Van Der Walt, $195,000 Winter Park Lodge II Bldg F, Unit 201 Steven and Rhonda Gilkey to Saraphine Giordano and James Sprague, $183,500 High Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4 Condos, Unit 13 Jean and James Wolter to Jane Wittlinger Trust #29, $155,000 Iron Horse Building C Condo, Unit 3013 Thomas Schehr to Anthony and Christi Istvan and John, Barbara and Julie Salazar, $182,000 Innsbruck-Val Moritz Sub (1), Unit 19, Lot 14 Amy and Jonathan Hebb to Lance and Laura Fitzsimmons, $540,000 Winter Park Lodge II, Bldg D, Unit 103 Kathi Spurr to Kurtis and Shannan Williams, $147,000 East Mountain Filing 2, Lot 47 – Wohlgemuth Family Trust to Nancy and Glenn Russo, $567,000 Idlewild Meadows Subdivision, Lot 9 Michael Ayre to Kelly Haverhals and Shanna Lalley, $495,000 Palmer Subdivision Exemption Tract 1 Hardin Holdings LLC to Jeremie Salyards and Sandy Nessen, $105,000 Great Divide Head Lettuce Colony Trt 3 Daniel and Donna Hahn to Brian and Bridgette Deihl, $295,000 Grand Lake Estates, 1st Filing, Block 6, Lot 4 – Audrey Norton to Donald Campbell and Antoinette Foleno-Beckley, $259,000 Grand Lake Estates 2nd Filing, Block 12, Lots 7, 8 – Morris King Construction Inc to High Country Land LLC, $245,000 Great Divide Head Lettuce Colony Trt 60 Tucker Ranches, LLC to Jimmie and Teresa Riley, $199,900 Snowblaze Bldg E Condo, Unit 211 Edward and Beni Hawkins to Kelly and Amy Radic, $120,000 Val Moritz Village 2nd Filing, Block 4, Lot 11 Aspen Acres Grand County LLC to Douglas and Linda Crocker, $149,000 Meadow Ridge Lodges Court 31, Unit 4 Patrick and Sue Walentosky to David and Lauri Foster, $316,000 Grand Lake, Block 4, Lot 5 Cascade Rockies Ltd to Kueker Properties LLC, $639,000 Granby 3rd, Block 5, Lot 9 Kathyrn Frame to Laura Ehmann and Michael Willits, $223,000 Winter Park Lodge II Bldg A, Unit 101 Bryant and Shelli Poole to Stuart Wyllie, $176,220.00 Innsbruck-Val Moritz Sub (1), Block 21, Lot 46 Jeremie Salyards to Jean Law, $480,000.00 Himebaughs 1st Addition Hot Sulphur Spgs B1-B2, N2 B3-B4, Block 3, Lots 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 – Himebaugh LLC to Reyne Emerson and Guy Weishaupt, $39,000 Boardwalk Townhomes Minor Sub FP, Unit 906 Dawn and Brian Howard to Robert and Adele Balink, $299,900 Twin Rivers Condo, Unit 7, Bldg Byers, Week 14 | Ernest and Joann Loehr to William and Nancy Shores, $2000Vasquez Village Filing 2, Unit 6, Bldg 2 Roger and Joanne Petrik to Gary and Bridget Keating, $420,000 Gore City Addn to Kremmling, Block 15, Lots 5, 6, 7 Carl Curran to Jason and Angelena McGeehan, $215,000 Shadow Mountain Estates 2nd Filing, Lot 18 Florence Severson and Margaret Kruelle to Donald and Melinda Dart, $156,500 Ptarmigan Park Townhouses Unit C, Bldg 1 Leslie and Darren Dines to Joseph and Molly Dunn, $290,000 Beaver Village Flg #3, Bldg 10, Unit 101 – John and Kathleen Roeger Revocable Trust to Brian and Laura Yake, $282,000 Tumbleweed Condo I, Unit 3 – Troy and Heather Lessar to James and Amy Bausano, $285,000Blue Valley Acres, Block 1, Lot 9 Wilson Harris, Jr. to Jim Giltner, $125,000 Cabins at Porcupine Ridge, Lot 1A Cabins at Porcupine Ridge to Joy Anderson Trust, $570,000 Silversage Subdivision, Block 3, Lot 15 Robert and Melissa Johnson and Melissa Oliver to Calvin and Christine McRoy, $421,000 Eitemiller-Evers Outright Exemption Lot 6 James and Erika Sueker to Joan Jacobson and Donald Rosenberry, $50,000 Summit at SilverCreek, Bldg 3, Unit 3301 Jane Barger to Timms and Laura Fowler, $115,000 Old Park Flg #5, Lot 13, Block A Frank and Deeann Nielsen to Justin Kincaid, $240,000 East Mountain Flg 1, Lot 52 Rendezvous Colorado LLC to Ladon and Mary Ann Homer, $275,000 Lakeview Waterside West Condos as Built Unit 301, BLdg E Matthew and Josephine Huelskamp to Ronald Walton, $217,000 Zephyr Mountain Lodge Condo Bldg 1 & 2, Unit 2216 – Kelbro Inc to Michelle and Winthrop Idle, $320,000 Blue Valley Acres Unit #2, Lot 17, Block 1 Lloyd Morsett, Stephanie Sugars-Morsett and Stephanie L Sugars Morsett to McKennzie and Aarom Rains, $218,500 Timberline Minor Subdivision, Lots 1 & 2 Grand Elk Holdings LLC to Granby Management Group LLC, $1,900,000Meadow Ridge Lodges Court 18A&B, Unit 14 Christine and Joseph Buta Joint Revocable Trust to Steven Talbot and Susan Stuckey, $158,600 Lakeview Waterside West Condos as Built, Lot 3, Bldg C, Garage Unit P Stephen and Susan Morrison to Paul Potter, $27,000 Lakeview Waterside West Condos as Built, Unit 210, Bldg C, Garage Unit O Stephen and Susan Morrison to Janet and Roger Hughes, $376,000Grand Country Estates Trt 50 Karen Elliott to Susan Cahill and Guillermo Ferla, $285,000 Mountainside at Silvercreek B U 075148 Timeshare 075148,075149 and Mountainside at Silvercreek B U 075149 Timeshare 075148,075149 Suresh Agarwal to Mountainside Silvercreek Timeshare Owners Association, $500 Granby Lot 17, Block 6 MMR Properties LLC to Grand Contracting Inc, $40,000 Mountainside Silvercreek Phase I U 099 Timeshare 099608 Chris Osheroff to Elk Horn Real Estate Inc, $3,500 Bear Crossing Town Homes Lot 34 Bear Crossing LLC to Charles Massaro and Darlene Minick, $584,094 Bear Crossing Town Homes Lot 13 Bear Crossing LLC to Stephen Yedinak and Yvette Trelles, $479,900 Blue Valley Acres Unit #2, Lot 15, Block 6 Wyman Brewer to Jhan Fleischer and Tracy Lockwood, $290,000 Pole Creek Meadows Lot 3, Block 1 Andrew and Kelly Chasin to Joy and Terry Blum, $915,000 East Mountain Flg 1, Lot 28 Richard Grange to Patricia and Dennis Stone, $610,000 Lyons Homestead Subdivision Lot X, Block 6 Terry and Jennifer Rindahl to Gary Koldyke and Deborah Heckart, $327,500 Estates at Soda Springs Final Plat, Lot 1 Clifford Hulbert to Dorothy Reimer, $64,500 The Harbor AFP Unit 5 – Patrick J Smid Jr Trust to Brent and Lori Canova, $311,000 Granby Ranch Flg 10, Lot 36 Granby Realty Holdings LLC to Todd Narlinger, $213,868.90Leland Creek Sub, Lot 31 – Katrina and Homer Parkhill to Andrew and Cynthia Kantor, $270,000Stagecoach Meadows Sub, Lot 54 – Dean and Theresa Anderson to Peter and Victoria Thiel, $757,500 Granby Ranch Filing 10, Lot 11 – Granby Realty Holdings LLC to Robert Jr., Lora, Parker and Carleigh Krug, $195,000Kicking Horse Lodges Unit 8 101 Bldg 8 Saddlehorn – Sikini and Ralph Morgan to Sally and Leonard Hamby, $181,500Meadow Ridge Lodges Court 12, Unit 4 – Peter and Tammy Lewis to Michal Neumann, $169,200Rabbit Ears Village Subdivision, Lot 77 – HGD Parker LLC to Erika and Timothy Keeton, $51,500Granby Ranch Filing 10, Lot 13 – Granby Realty Holdings LLC to Robert Jr., Lora and Ryan Krug, $195,000Granby Ranch Filing 10, Lot 38 – Granby Realty Holdings LLC to Robert Jr., and Lora Krug, $246,000Lakota Filing 6, Tract E, Lot 32 – Michael and Sue Doyle to Daniel and Rita Shull, $184,000Innsbruck-Val Morita Sub (1), Lot 24, Block 15 – Russell Hulting to James and Roberta Nielsen, $520,000Snowblaze Bldg C, Condo Unit 14 – Jeanette Teigen and Joseph Bartels to Christine Koza, Bryan Margo, Daniel Poulos and Allison Lyons, $290,000Legacy Park Ranch, Lot 49 – Granby Mesa LLC to Karen and Jeffrey Moore, $205,000Sec 23 Twp 3N R 76W Partial Legal – see document – Virginia G Northrup Living Trust to Gerald Northrup and Ivelisse Ruiz, $70,500Village at Buckhorn Grand Elk Ranch & Club, Lot 1, Block 3 – Buckhorn LLC to Lon Gates, $230,000Old Park Filing #5, Lot 11, Block B – Laura Franklin to Brett Derby and Brydie Cummings, $49,900East Mountain Filing 4, Lot 5 – Colonnade Resort Communities LLC to Mary and Courtney Pullen and Wilbur and Christina Heacock, $785,663Aspen Meadows Condominiums Unit 104, Bldg B – Meadows Condominiums LLC to Karl and Michelle Hill, $269,900 Ranch Creek Estates Filing #2, Lot 4 Partial Legal – see document – Richard and Donna Downer to Richard and Joan Jones, $230,000Shoreline Landing Subdivision, Lot 13 – Carol Riggs and David Edwards to Winthrop and Cinda Johnson, $1,600,000Villa Harbor Subdivision Lot 22, Block 2 – Benjamin Blair and Marice Kane to George and Elizabeth Campbell, $335,000Timber Run Condo Unit 3, Bldg 7, Dogwood 203 Weeks 5,24,30 – TTC Holdings LLC to Moira Mattingly and Jeffrey Leco, $500Timber Run Condo Unit 2, Bldg 3, Aspen 102 Weeks 4,23,49 – TTC Holdings LLC to Paul, Janet, Johnathan and Joseph Fuss, $500FIC Addition to Kremmling, Lots 12, 13 and 14, Block 4 – Ronald Frates to Jason and Rachel George, $185,000Grand County Estates 1ST Addition Tract 72 – James and Amy Heiserman to Debra Lucero, $274,900Wildacres Subd Amended 2nd Flg, Lot 4, Block 4 – Sherry and Ralpha Page to Donald and Patricia Baker, $622,000Eitemiller-Evers Outright Exemption, Lot 6 – James and Erika Sueker to Julie Sueker and David Clow, $50,000Mountainside at Silvercreek Bldg U 017 – Dale and Carol Dierberg to William and Marcia Parent, $37,000Kicking Horse Lodges Unit 2 302, Bldg 2 – Lorie C Jones Revocable Trust and Rodney Larsen to Gary and Joanne Hindman, $275,000Winter Park Ranch 3rd Filing, Lot 18, Block 1 – Charles and Eileen Lemons to David and Diane Whisenhunt, $505,000Lake Forest Subdivision, Lot 44, Block 1 – Evans Family Trust to Mark and Therese Brady, $272,000Bear Crossing Town Homes, Lot 14 – Bear Crossing LLC to Mervyn Booth, $549,900East Mountain Filing 7, Lots 101, 102, 103, 104, 105 – Rendezvous Colorado LLC to Colonnade Resort Communities LLC, $552,000East Mountain Filing 5, Lots 101, 102, 105, 106, 112 – Rendezvous Colorado LLC to Colonnade Resort Communities LLC, $1,000,000Haikus Cove Subdivision, Unit 4, Bldg A – Bret Linenfelser and Susan Morea to Catherine and Matthew Pacocha, $285,000Blue Valley Acres Unit 2, Lot 3, Block 5 – Michael and Jill McCarthy to Nancy Fulton, $292,200Pole Creek Meadows, Lots 2 and 3, Block 6 – Thaddeus and Catherine Gembczynski to Steven and Linda Bailey, $162,000Winter Park Ranch 3rd Filing, Lot 54, Block 1 – James Dauer and Susan Tiegs to Alli and Glenn Salaman, $465,000Alpine Park Subdivision, Block 3, Lots 22, 23, 24, 43, 44 – Francis, Jennifer and Franklin Winchell to Andreas and Lesile Fotopulos, $82,500Reserve at Elkhorn Ridge Subd, Lot 18 – Bobby Sailors and Bobby Sailor to Mooserun Associates, $500Lurie Subdivision Exemption Tract 1 – Link Kratovil to Carl and Dawn Borgstrom, $300,000East Mountain Filing 6, Lot 111 – Colonnade Resort Communities LLC to Stanley and Janeen Barfield, $592,655.90Pines at Meadow Ridge Court B, Unit 4, Wk 51B – Kristi Simmons to Keith and Sherry Lerme, $2,000Lookout Village Condo Unit 24, Bldg C – Tammy and Dave Wachtl to Gregory Carr and Ingrid Silverman, $292,000Silversage Subdivision, Lot 19, Block 2 – Joel Engelhardt to Herbert and Diana Fahrenholtz, $565,000West Portal Place Condo Unit C – Stephen Witman to Rex and Jennifer Hastings, $209,000Parsons Outright Exemptions Tract A – Amy Blair to Michael and Pamela Smith, $895,000Leland Creek Sub, Lot 49 – James and Mary Wray to Andrew and Kelly Chasin, $225,000Village at Horseshoe Creek Grand Elk Ranch & Club, Unit F3 – Cain Crawford and Damian Caya to Brian and Lori Tiedge, $568,000Village at Riverside 2nd Flg 2 Grand Elk Ranch & Club, Lot A 43 – Grand Elk LLC to Riverside Granby LLC, $74,000Lakeshore Addition to Shorewood, Lot 13, Block 1 – Ralph and Rise Holt to Kenneth and Ruth Donahue, $2,300,000Sec 23 Twp 3N R 76 Partial Legal – see document – Mary Nooney to Elizabeth Bomgardner, $200,000Sun Valley Ranch Subdivision, Lots 12 and 13 – P.AUV-N LLC to Ellen and John Van Dyk, $725,000Silverado II Condo Unit 514, Bldg 5, Wk 9 – Barry and Shirley Clawson to Tutko Investments Inc, $686.67Whispering Pines 1 Townehomes Amd Lot 2 – Mark and Linda Seale and Jane Upton to Mark and Linda Seale, $19,000East Mountain Filing 4, Unit 4 – Colonnade Resort Communities LLC to Cathy L Fast Living Trust, $757,757Blue Valley Acres Unit #2, Lot 8, Block 1 – Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Tste Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc to Rick Bombe, $207,000East Mountain Filing 1, Lot 40 – Rendezvous Colorado LLC to Pensco Trust Company James Kelleher IRA, $301,500Scanlock Subdivision, Block 6, Lots 2 and 11 – Clarence Nelson and Carole Clark to Steven and Tina Brewer, $250,000Mountainside at Silvercreek B U 93 Timeshare #093543 – J L P Corporation South Florida Inc to Christopher Mosera, $1,000Longview Addn/Hot Sulphur Spgs, Block 19, Lots 16, 17, 18, 19 – Gary and Sarah Bailey to Randall Stephens, $192,000Wildacres Subd Amended 2nd Flg, Lot 3, Block 6 – Carol Novak-Schnepp and Carol Schnepp to Edward and Renee Zemljak, $158,000Aspen Meadows Condominiums Unit 103, Bldg D – Aspen Meadows Condominiums LLC to Gene and Kathleen Everett, $291,339Lakeview Subdivision Unit 4, Bldg A – Garth Godwin to Nicole Davis, $172,000Summit at Winter Park Ranch Tracts D, E, F, G Summit Winter Park Land Co LLC to Silverleaf Resorts Inc, $4,661,754 Grand Lake Estates 1st Filing Lots A and 26, Block 1 Partial Legal see documents Daniel and Donna Hahn to Amy Blair, $2,500,000 Perry L Miller Tracts, Lots 11 and 12 Glenn and Shirley Shepherd to Ronald and Cynthia Lanz, $63,000 Mesa Vista Subdivision, Lot S 30 Randall Stephens to Gary and Sarah Bailey, $192,000 Cedar Creek Townhomes MS & AMD, Lot 4, Block 4, SP Village Unit 1 Cedar Creek Townhomes LLC to William and Susan Lacock, $180,000 Lake Forest Subdivision Lot 59, Block 1 Ward Commercial Properties LLC to Loren and Sheryl Yusten, $265,000 Colorado Anglers Club #1 Bldg Ph 1, Lot 6, Block 4 – Jennifer Tidwell to M King Holdings LLC and Borgia Holdings LLC, $50,000 Meadow Ridge Lodges, Court 2, Unit 5 – Michael and Margaret Curran, Thomas and Jewel Wegs, Thomas and Ellen Ellliot to Thomas and Jewel Wegs and Edward and Judith Miksch, $186,000 Kicking Horse Lodges Unit 2201, Bldg 2 – David and Kathleen Burrows to Elvin Caldwell Jr, $250,000 Bear Crossing Town Homes, Lot 12 Bear Crossing LLC to Donald Fingleton, $489,900 Base Camp 9200 Second Replat Unit E 1, Bldg E Jane Creek LLC to Richard Adams Jr, $1,457,439.44 Base Camp 9200 Second Replat, Unit E 2, Bldg E Jane Creek LLC to Steven Neumann, $1,375,000 Columbine Lake Lot 1, Block 9 Peder and Tonya Dokken to Brett and Vicki Flower, $385,000 Shadow Mountain Estates 3rd Filing, Lot 3 Diane McCormick to Grand Lake 4625 #85 LLC, $130,000 Beaver Village Filing #1, Bldg 1, Unit 201, Bldg 1 Nic N Nat Inc to John and Karen Maxwell, $307,000 Grand Meadows Granby, Lot 4, Block 1 Tina Lampinen to Geoffrey and Yolanda Jurgensen, $174,000 Lakota Park Minor Subdivision, Lots 107, 108, 109, 110 HFM Holdings LLC to Reserve Lakota LLC, $1,569,600 Pines at Meadow Ridge, Court D, Unit 9 Philip Abdouch, Larry and Wendy Carmichael, William and Kathleen Hall, Gary and Susan McVay, Ron Beller Revocable Trust, Leslie and Cynthia Cornelius, Jan Beller Revocable Trust to Allen Seth Willard, $229,000 Lakota Park Minor Subdivision, Lot 105 HFM Holdings LLC to Michael Lotze and Michael Geiger, $395,000Sung Song Condo Unit F, Bldg 6 John and Heidi Fick to Thomas and Patricia Ritz, $290,000Ptarmigan Subdivision Fraser, Lot S 21 Harrison Living Trust to David Hemphill, $245,000 Summit at Silvercreek Bldg 1, Unit 1304 Thomas and Sherra Alexander to Joel and Claire Drewes, $166,000 Silverado II Condo Unit 134, Bldg 1 Scott and Anita Cubbage to Paula Bishop, $220,000 Woodspur Condo Unit 224, Map 3 Stephen and Barbara Wolfe to Bret Linenfelser and Susan Morea, $425,000 Aspen Meadows Condominiums Unit 304, Bldg B Aspen Meadows Condominiums LLC to Anthony and Karen Jensen, $282,491 Lake Trail Village, Lot 7B Lake Trail Village Ltd to HNC Associates LLC, $927,704.53 Leland Creek Subdivision Lot 69 William and Lynda Rhodes to Margaret and Douglas Robbins, $246,500 Moose Creek Townhomes Unit B and Lot B 1 – Patsios Homes LLC to Jason and Gretchen Patsios, $445,000 Granby Ranch Filing 1, Lot 40 Village Homes Colorado LLC to Thomas and Carron Loftus, $553,243 Moose Run Sub & Outright Exemption Lot 4 Moose Run LLC to Scott and Michelle Murray, $249,000 Grand Elk Ranch & Club, Lot E 50 Grand Contracting Inc to Kevin and Lynn Chapman, $780,000 Base Camp 9200 Second Replat Unit E 3, Bldg E Jane Creek LLC to Mauricio and Carolyn Trabuco, $1,438,667.59Gore Lakes Unit #2, Lot 5 David and Cynthia Lawson to David and Blair Watts, $375,000 Trail Creek Estates 3rd Filing, Lot 134 Don and Rose Clary to Jacob Perlman and Trisha Spaeth, $279,000 Silver Cloud Condo Unit 2 Loren Gentemann to Angela Hawkinson, $140,000 Grand View Highlands, Filing #1, Lot 4, Block 3 Robert and Norma Colosimo to Robert and Lydia Dahl, $304,000 Elk Court Cabins Lot 6 – MDODD Development LLC to B Dodd Construction Inc, $140,000 Kicking Horse Lodges, Unit 2 304, Bldg 2 Bronco James Davis and Jane Cameron to Albert and Sharon Yarochowicz, $277,500 Elk Court Cabins Lot 4 – MDODD Development LLC to B Dodd Construction Inc, $140,000 Columbine Lake Lot 40, Block 6 Anthony and Michelle Orlandino to Joshua and Trudy Slack, $365,000 Elk Court Cabins Lot 2 – MDODD Development LLC to B Dodd Construction Inc, $140,000 Lakota Filing 3, Tract C, Lot 34 Thomas and Corine Sweeney to Joseph and Patricia Markham, $550,000 Elk Court Cabins Lot 1 – MDODD Development LLC to B Dodd Construction Inc, $140,000 Granby Ranch Filing 10, Lot 14 Granby Realty Holdings LLC to Michelle Prescott, $153,000 Shy Moose Ranch Subdivision, Lot 4 3 Bob Herzog Construction Inc to Heather Crammond and Mark Paulsen, $560,000 Village at Wildhorse Grand Elk Ranch & Club Lot E 39 Kent and Lynn Avery to Matthew and Cynthia Bates, $730,000 McQuery Gulch Subd Exemption Partial Legal see document Paul and Laura Penny to Charles Brown III, $337,500 Subdivision Block 4 Janosko Family Trust to Elk Creek Resort LLC, $2,050,000 SEC 13 TWP 4N R 76W Partial Legal see document Richard and Susan Kueker to Rocky Mountain Nature Association Inc, $600,000 Lakeshore Addition to Shorewood, Lot 21, Block 1 Cynthia R, Cynthia JVR Overhardt, and Nicholas and Nancy Rutgers to Joseph and Celeste Odea, $550,000 Granby Ranch Filing 1, Lot 11 and Filing 1, Lot GT11 Village Homes Colorado Inc to Robert and Susan Ney, $500,000 Winterstar Condos Unit 2, Bldg C – Carol J Addington Revocable Trust to Keith and Lynn Oliver, $280,000 Shorewood Subdivision, Lot 8, Block 3 Taylor Family Trust to Frank Brainard, $200,000 Breckon Subdivision Tract 19 David Daly to Lisa and Wayne Jonas and Adele Ignarski, $91,250 Dreamcatcher at Lakota Lot 9B – Dreamcatcher Lakota Inc to David and Beverly Carson, $1,305,000 Miller Subdivision Tract 22 William and Pauline Johnson to Trestle Investments LLC, $682,500 Mountainside at Silvercreek C Unit 105 Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Tste, Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust 2006WL3, Washington Mutual Bank, Long Beach Mortgage Company to Robert Treadway and Christopher Bohannon, $147,500 Moose Run Sub & Outright Exemption Lot 13 Jean Townsend to James and Cheryl Lawton, $271,950

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