Grand Lake’s mandatory trash ordinance may wake up and bite town |

Grand Lake’s mandatory trash ordinance may wake up and bite town

To the Editor:

The newly passed (Grand Lake) trash ordinance may change the local versus second-home owner dynamic, I being of the second-home variety.

Historically, I believe second-home owners tend to either ignore the local politics, or follow them purely for entertainment sake. Yet, as non-voting residents, the ins and outs of the local political scene are generally outside of our control. Although I understand that the underlying “us versus them” mentality is childish at best, I believe that the Town of Grand Lake leadership may have awakened a sleeping dog and a big one at that.

Charging the second-home owners approximately $420 a year for a service they cannot logistically use is merely taxation without representation. History tells us that such an attempt results in a backlash. I am guessing that the present town leadership may find the second-home owners become much more financially active in funding local politicians that do not carry such a clear bias against the non-voting, second-home owning residents.

Regardless of its lofty intentions, this ordinance ignores the effect it will have on the local disabled and fixed income residents. It also fails to address how the many service employees of the town will be able to afford this added requirement on the service sector wages they receive from the local businesses.

When you kick the sleeping dog, it usually bites. It’s already growling.

Douglas Vogel


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