Jeanne Nicholson is the right choice for District 16 |

Jeanne Nicholson is the right choice for District 16

This November voters will have many important choices to make on who represents them in all levels of government. I’d like to address the race for state Senate District 16. As usual, we will have a choice between someone who promises “tax cuts, smaller government and free enterprise,” and someone who understands that cutting taxes means cutting valuable services that we need.

I propose that we voters should always ask ourselves, “If my taxes keep getting cut, then what ‘wasteful government spending’ will also be cut?” Will it be salaries and positions for teachers, police officers, ambulance drivers, and snow plow drivers?

Will it cause ever-larger class sizes in public schools? Will it cut internet access at public libraries? Will it mean that our roads, bridges and infrastructure will continue to deteriorate and become dangerous?

Why are some people running for government office clearly trying to promote conflict and competition amongst their own constituents, instead of trying to foster cooperation and compromise?

We do have a clear choice for this open seat in state Senate District 16, and I’m choosing to vote for Jeanne Nicholson. As a former public health nurse and Gilpin County commissioner, she has served the greater good for many years. She is a strong supporter of public education, and has worked very hard to become an expert on forest health issues. She is someone who understands the big picture and the role of good government in a democratic society.

The promise to cut taxes without telling people what services will be cut, is a fool’s bargain. Jeanne Nicholson has made some difficult political choices in her career, but always with the goal of benefiting the people she is serving. She would be an excellent person to represent Grand County in our state senate.

Abby Loberg


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