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Letter: Columnist’s Bundy analogies not thoroughly vetted

To the Editor:

Cliven, Man of Liberty

Mr. Hamilton in his April 25 article seems to have missed a couple of points in his Cliven Bundy analogies. In China if you don’t pay your taxes they shoot you — no way would they shoot a cow worth something and save a deadbeat like Cliven.

And Cliven the next John Wayne! I know of one guy rolling in his grave just imagining that one. John didn’t deny America; he loved America. He was a freedom-loving American. He paid his taxes and participated actively in our system of agricultural subsidies. He was a respected businessman. Cliven actively denies that being an American should cost him anything – we owe it to him. His subsidized operation of wreaking havoc on a fragile ecosystem — at a loss to the taxpayers even if he paid what he owed — can’t be the new face of Liberty.

David Maddox


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