Library Corner: ‘If you’re lucky enough to be in Grand County, you are lucky enough’ |

Library Corner: ‘If you’re lucky enough to be in Grand County, you are lucky enough’

Jeanie Johnson
Grand County Library District

Have you noticed the sign on the Trail Riders’ Motel in Granby that reads, “If you are lucky enough to be in Grand County, you are lucky enough?” What a great sign, and a wonderful reminder to look around and to be grateful.

A young woman from Paraguay has lived with my family while working here as a J-1 employee, wanting to be immersed in English. It is almost time for her to return to her country, so my husband and I have been making extra efforts to introduce her to different restaurants, stores, and communities. We traveled to an outlet mall on Sunday afternoon, and to her amazement, “They had everything she wanted!” Then we made our way to a Walmart and she discovered three aisles of cosmetics. Heaven on Earth!

We had shopped at City Market where she was astounded to find five different hair dryers to choose from, but her main criteria was “pink.” She didn’t really consider the heat the appliance provided or the air flow— her only criteria was color- just pink. Shopping in our grocery store was an incredible experience. She told me that what surprised her about our food was the variety. We have so many choices to choose from at the marketplace produce is available from around the world.

As one would expect, I took her to our libraries and was thrilled to see the joy on her face when she realized GCLD provides services at no cost to our customers. She tried Mango for ESL learners, borrowed The Wizard of Oz to learn where my dog’s name comes from, and benefitted from several books on idioms which arrived from around the state via GCLD’s consortium membership. GCLD does provide access to all types of items and much more than one expects from small rural libraries. I always say that one of the best things about libraries is that we break geographic barriers—very important to those of us living in rural parts of the United States.

Driving up Highway 34 with her made me see the three beautiful lakes and the homes nestled among the trees differently, with a new angle, through her eyes. The next time you are out and about, look around and try to see the mountains, lakes, and our abundance through new eyes. We are lucky!

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