Nina Wood: A little rustic is a good thing |

Nina Wood: A little rustic is a good thing

Did I really miss something in the letter from the young individual complaining about lack of hospitality, among other things, in Grand County? I think it said the job she was hired to do was at Drowsy Water, in which case, THAT job should have been her priority and not an apparent second to some other job she brought with her from Chicago. What an amazing experience to find a place still remote enough NOT to have guaranteed cell phone coverage or public transportation, but for those us native to the area, it’s one thing we kind of like. It would appear that some homework before accepting the job and moving to Grand County to work which would have brought these conditons to light wasn’t done in advance. Last time I checked, Drowsy Water was listed as a guest “ranch,” “ranch” being the relative term of a place suggesting it was not in a town. Good grief! I have heard many whines over the years about the downside of Grand County, but no one forced this person into taking this job in this location at this time. I think it’s called a “learning experience,” which was I assume what she’s looking for since she’s a college student.

And Bill Dixon, I totally agreed with you!!! It’s probably the same person complaining about an old and skinny horse that made sure the killer factories went away several years ago. With no place an old horse can be sent and if you can’t put these old ones out of the public eye, you are subject to complaints of abuse from all who think they know it all. Horse rescue groups are being inundated by folks who need a place they can put their older horses. One of the results is as Bill said, animal control shows up following up on a complaint of a skinny horse, and then you may have that complaint initiating the action that ultimately will determine when you put your horse down instead of giving you the right to determine when the horse (or dog or cat etc., etc.) is no longer having a quality of life. Unfortunately, the know-it-alls are really beginning to out-number those of us who have dealt with animals our entire lives and really do have their best interests at heart. So here’s the challenge to all the know-it-alls, get in there and really learn something from those with a lifetime in the animal business. At least so far, we recognize with people growing old does cause signs of aging.

Nina Wood

Third generaton Grand County

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