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Pipe bursts at West Grand Elementary, damages gym floor

Reid Tulley
Kremmling, CO Colorado

KREMMLING – A frozen pipe that burst on Christmas day in the West Grand PK-8 School gym facility has caused damage to the gym floor, three locker rooms, a storage room, and the physical education teachers’ office.

While the total cost of all of the repairs has yet to be determined by the school and insurance provider, the cost to completely replace the gym floor, the most expensive repair, is estimated to be as much as $95,000.

The school is currently repairing an 800-square-foot piece of the gym floor as a temporary fix intended to last through the school year.

The line that burst was an irrigation line located in the ceiling above the gym, according to Martha Schake, director of business and finance for the West Grand School District.

While the ceiling was made from sheet rock and will need to be replaced due to water damage, the damage to the locker rooms was minimal because the walls are cinderblock and the floors are tile. The physical education teachers computer sustained water damage and needed to be replaced as well.

The school does not plan to seek legal action in relation to the incident, according to Schake. However, the school district has been discussing the incident with its insurance provider.

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