Plane careens off Kremmling runway, smashes fence |

Plane careens off Kremmling runway, smashes fence

Tonya Bina
Kremmling, CO Colorado

An Oregon couple flying their 1979 Cessna 210 single-engine airplane into the Kremmling airport lost control on the runway and took out 140 feet of the airport’s wildlife fencing.

The plane sustained significant damage to its prop, nose, front landing gear and both wings at about 5 p.m. on Friday when it traveled off the south side of the runway for approximately 1,200 feet on its wheels, hit the fence at the end of the airport and came to a stop on County Road 396 on the other side.

Neither the pilot nor his wife, save for some minor bruising, was injured.

The pilot experienced a wind gust that shoved the plane’s tail wing over, then he attempted to regain air speed but did not have lift, according to accounts of the incident.

The couple had flown into Kremmling many times before, said Kremmling Police Chief Scott Spade, and on this trip had planned for Kremmling to be their journey’s destination.

Grand County Road and Bridge Superintendent Ken Haynes guessed damage to the fence and one airport light at the county-run airport totals about $1,200. Haynes anticipates the pilot’s insurance will cover the damage.

Both the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board were notified of the single-plane accident, Spade said.

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