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Rare funnel cloud spotted near Rocky Mountain National Park

Chris Bianchi
WeatherNation TV
This image shows a rare funnel cloud over the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. It was taken at 12:10 p.m. Wednesday.
Courtesy of Brandon Vogt / University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Hikers in and around Rocky Mountain National Park were treated to a natural surprise on Wednesday. Fortunately, this surprise didn’t have teeth or produce any damage.

A funnel cloud was spotted near Rocky Mountain National Park on Wednesday afternoon, leading to a host of spectacular images.

While ominous-looking, according to the National Weather Service office in Boulder, the funnel did not produce a tornado. The funnel took place near Grand Lake, west of Rocky Mountain National Park.

According to the National Weather Service, the funnel was likely not caused by a supercell thunderstorm, the traditional method for the formation of a tornado. Instead, it was likely caused by a collision of low-level winds that creates a so-called landspout tornado.

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