Safety device causes Granby power outage |

Safety device causes Granby power outage

The lights went off in Granby Thursday. The entire town experienced a short power outage around mid-day.

Rich Trostel, operations manager for Mountain Parks Electric, said service was out for approximately nine minutes in town and the outage affected about 1,700 customers.

“It included pretty much everything from City Market north to Granby Dam,” said Trostel.

According to Trostel the outage occurred as a result of safety fail-safe systems employed by linemen at Mountain Parks Electric. Line crews were working on hot power lines Thursday when a fault occurred in the line. Normally the fault would not have caused a power outage but because linemen were working nearby a protection device was in place.

The protection device has a safety mechanism that shuts off power in the event of a fault. “We wouldn’t want that device closing back on them,” said Trostel.

He went on to explain that such outages, resulting from the safety mechanisms, are uncommon but not unheard of. He also pointed out that power service was restored in a relatively short period of time.

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