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Speed Networking: Prepare your 30 second commercial

The Winter Park Fraser Valley Chamber of Commerce is teaming up with Businesses Without Borders for the 4th Annual Speed Networking Extravaganza Wednesday, May 20 at Fontenots Seafood & Grill. The concept of “Speed Networking” is very similar to “Speed Dating”, but instead of meeting your future potential mate, you’ll be meeting potential business clients! – All in 30-seconds, says Membership Services Director Maria Chavez. Its a great way to get your name out quickly to a large audience one-on-one. This is our 4th spring networking event and each year it gets larger and larger. Its important to RSVP to ensure you do have a seat since seating is limited. Well have over 65 businesses participating and hope everyone has a chance to meet and greet.Participants need to bring plenty of business cards or brochures to exchange and have their 30-second commercial ready! The opportunity to network happens to most business owners all of the time. But many dont know how to maximize that opportunity when someone asks, What business are you in? Since people form impressions of others within the first 20 to 30 seconds, it is crucial that participants prepare their 30-second commercial so that it will be effective for them and their business. Its hard to know what 30-seconds actually is. I tell participants to practice like they were in a elevator talking to someone going up to the top floor of a building, says Chavez.Its another great event for everyone to come together to remember or meet who their fellow business neighbor is and to help support each other in a time of economic need. For more information on the event, go to playwinterpark.com/event. RSVPs are required.—————————–Five Easy Steps to the Perfect 30-Second Commercial Your 30-second commercial should include the following: 1.Your name and business name. 2.Your business location. 3.The type of business you are in. 4.The cost of products or services. 5.The type of people or businesses that are good prospects for you. Include places, people, key phrases and situations that produce leads, such as: Businesses moving to a new location; unhappy with present service; unaware of information available; interest in travel, self improvement, etc.Schedule4:30-5:00 Check In5:00- Seated promptly followed by sponsor thank yous & instruction.5:30-6:30 Speed network 6:30 Wrap up