Students in Grand share spooky stories |

Students in Grand share spooky stories

winning stories from the Grand County Library District’s Scary Story Contest

“Princess Gazelle Zombie Wants to go to the Zombie Brain Ball” by Ashlynn Baird

1st Place, Kindergarten, Grand Lake

Princess Gazelle Zombie was getting ready for the Zombie Brain Ball. She wanted to look nice so she could marry Prince Zombielot. She put on pretty shoes and a dress that matched the shoes. When she was leaving for the ball, Gazelle touched the door looking for it. It was invisible! There was a magic spell put on it by the Wizard Zorlock.

The Wizard Zorlock trapped Princess Gazelle because she has the power to destroy everything she touches. He was afraid the Princess would destroy the prince. The Wizard Zorlock is the Princesses uncle and he wanted to protect him.

The Princess Gazelle panicked! She really wanted to go to that ball! Leepo the Princess’s ghost friend, tried to help her calm down. He fanned her with a frocolm leaf and said “calm down.” Princess Gazelle’s mood hair changed color to gray and purple. She was sad. She couldn’t miss the Zombie brain Ball! She wanted to marry Prince Zombielot!

The king, Princess Gazelle’s father, called Prince Zombielot. He told Prince Zombielot that the Princess was trapped and to break the spell he needed to call her name three times.

Prince Zombielot went the seven miles to where she was trapped. He went straight into a thunder and lightning storm. The storm was a short one and the Prince had an umbrella.

When he got to the castle he said Princess Gazelle three times. He broke the spell put there by the Wizard Zorlock. Prince Zombielot and Princess Gazelle smooched. She did not destroy him because her power doesn’t work on their zombies. They went to the Zombie Brain Ball and danced. They live scarily ever after.

The End.

“The Sad Scarecrow” by Mya Campbell

1st Place, Kindergarten, Grand Lake

There was a little scarecrow, with straw hands and an old hat for his pumpkin head. He would scare the crows, scare the cats, and scare the little boys. He wished he was a little boy so bad. One Halloween a witch made him come to life. He tried to play with the other boys, but they were scared of him. He was so sad and so the witch turned him back.

The End

“The Red Goblin” by Emmylou Johnson

1st Place, Kindergarten, Granby

Once upon a time Fred and Rosa were running through the woods, when a red goblin jumped out of nowhere and started to chase them. Lucky for them goblins get tired very easily so they got away, they thought. Rosa got a red dot on her hand. The next morning Fred heard a loud scream coming from Rosa’s house. The dot had gotten bigger and Rosa was hurting. Then she fainted. Fred was sad. Fred called 911 and Rosa got to the hospital. Fred was making a trap. He was almost done when the goblin came out and made more red dots. Fred trapped the goblin and all the dots went away.

The End

“The Princess and the Guards” by Blaire Hester

1st place, first grade, Hot Sulphur Springs

Once upon a time in the Land of OZ, a Princess lived in the Castle of Humans. It was called the Castel of Humans because she was the Princess of every human in the world. One night, the Princess was up in her bed when she heard yelling, “Hey!” “NO” “Stop!” Her guards rushed into her room, picked her up and pulled her out of the castle. Her castle was being attacked by an evil man who wanted to take over the whole universe. She heard screaming and yelling from her village that was also being attacked by the evil man named Gob. Gob had black hair and was wearing mascara. He had on a black shiny robe and big black boots. He also had dark, slim green skin.

Gob rushed to the castle and wrestled the Princess away from the guards. He locked her up in his tower. The only reason that he wanted her was that he thought she had the Red Jewel of Luck, the Blue Jewel of Humans, the Green Jewel of Grass, and last but not least, the Purple Jewel of Love. Little did he know, she had left the Jewels of the World in her room. He wanted them because they would make him the most rich and powerful man in the world. The Princess had learned Karate from her dad. She karate chopped they door down. There was not a guard there and she escaped from the lowest window and hid in a bush. Gob came running out of the castle to get her but he forgot about the giant rattlesnakes he kept at the front door to guard his prisoners. He got bit by their giant fangs and fell to the ground with a big THUMP!

The Princess ran back to her castle and found her father in his room. The guards told him that they rescued her but she said “No! I karate chopped the door down and saved our kingdom!”


“Zombie Trouble” by Asa Kee

1st Place, first grade, Fraser

One day when I woke up my mom was a zombie! She was gray and all her hair was all cut off! Then I went outside and I saw my friend. He was the only one left. We went exploring together and we figured out everyone was a Zombie except us! Then we made a fort out of wood and made a fire. Good thing I had a match. We were scared and we were hiding from everyone.

Out of sticks and one piece of string in my pocket I made a bow and made an arrow with a stone. Then I shot a Zombie sheep and we made a bed out of wool. The end.

“Danger in a Pyramid” By Sierra Manyak

1st Place, second grade, Granby

Once there was a big black dog. When it died, its spirit became evil. Now it haunts the tombs of Egypt. One day a new coffin was carried in. The spirit hid in the shadows. The queen was dead. When everyone was gone the spirit came out to see her ghost. The spirit liked her. She had long black hair and big golden robes. So one day, the spirit captured her.

The ghost did not want to be evil. She asked the spirit to release her. So the spirit cursed her. The spell would only break when she promised to be evil. So the ghost decided to find the magic scepter her brother had hidden when she died. She knew that it would break the curse.

In her tomb, there was a map that said where it was, but she could not read! What could she do? Finally she thought of a story she had heard. It was about a wise old ghost who hid in tombs. She made up her mind to find him. Meanwhile, the spirit was hiding and watching her. He was worried that the ghost cursed him? So the dog spirit made up his mind to hide.

Then the queen found a lighted chamber. She went in and saw the wise ghost. She asked him to read the map. The wise ghost looked up and said, “I will do it, but you will have to give me something in return.”

“I will give you my scepter if you will help me find it and break the spell.”

The wise ghost followed her back to her tomb. The ghost read the map and realized that he had seen the scepter in his chamber. So, they went back to chamber immediately. They found the scepter hidden in a dark corner. The queen scratched a special password into the scepter. The scepter rose into the air and a light appeared in front of the ghost. The light was the curse and suddenly it snapped out.

The queen felt happy that the spell was broken. Now she needed to get out of the pyramid before the evil spirit cursed her again. The wise ghost led her out and she was fee to got to her rightful home in the desert.

“The Sticky Hands (10-10-13 Staring Lexi Robinson)” by Charlotte Fody

1st Place, second Grade, Hot Sulphur Springs

There was a girl named Lexi. She played basketball. Lexi was called sticky hands. She was called sticky hands becose she always stuck to the ball. Lexi had o friends. She went to the docter. The docter sed she had glue in her vains. Lexi was so scared! Now she would never get friends! She got so scared. That night she turnd into a zomby! Every body ran for their lifes. Lexi had some friends named Charlotte, Kylie, and Eli. They were going to try to stop Lexi and turn her into a humen again! Charlotte sed we could get people to donate blood! But Kylie sed we would need a lot of blood. But there is a lot of people in town Eli sed. But just then they saw Lexi. She was so scary they screamed! RUN! Yelled Eli! Charlotte grabed Kylie and ran. Kylie was so scared! OH! NO! sed charlotte every one is a zombie! Lexi had bit everyone. All the people in town. Eli’s Mom came running! ELI! She yelled. Are you kids ok yes Mrs. Brody. Come Home. We are in the basimint. Dad and more people are in there! Mom sed Eli, can you please lead me Home. He sed. Oh ya! Yes sweety! Kylie sed, can we run? Good idea. Sed Charlotte. So they ran all the way to Eli’s house. When they got there all the people where ZOBYS! Lexi was there! OH NO! Sed Charlotte. Just then a nother groop came! They were traped. Just then a docter came. Eli found a blood packet and a needol quickly he stabed Lexi with it and other zombys.. Just then all the Zomby turned into people. So did Lexi. Lexi had no more glue. The End

“What’s That Sound?” by Eowyn Shreve

1st place, third grade, Hot Sulphur Springs

Ella and Amy were going to Katie’s house for a sleepover. Half an hour after the two friend’s got there Katie was showing her friend’s the secret passage her dad built, from her room to the yard. While they were looking down the hold, Amy’s brother Alex and Katie’s brother Josh, sneaked into the room and pushed the girls down the tunnel! They boys locked the door and ran away. “Ahhh” screamed the girls as the fell. When they reached the bottom they made sure that everyone was safe, but then……they heard……. “I’m gonna smash you!” The noise was coming from the dark black tunnel in the passage. “I’m gonna mash you like a bug! I mean it!” The girls were trembeling, Ella was about to say “I really want to get out of here” when the booming voice struck again. “You three look very tasty!” The girls shrieked. Katie look in the tube, she thought she saw a light switch. Before she could make out what it was, she thought she heard a mashing sound. The other girls heard it too. Ella said “I think it sounds like gobbling guts.” “Eew” said the girls. All of a sudden the voice said, “When I’m done with you, I’m going to eat you!” Now the girls were scared, very scared. Katie said “I’m going in there” in a bold voice. She walked to what looked like a lightswitch. She flicked it, and the tunnel got light. “Hurray” said Ella and Amy. To their surprise they saw a goat! It was making mashed potatoes! “Oh that’s what it was,” thought the girls. They chased the goat out of the tunnel, they all walked merrily through the back door. The End.

Untitled by Lillian Rust

1st place, third grade, Fraser

Once upon a time, there was a girl. Her name was Anna. She was very nice. It was Halloween time and she was going to be a Buteerfly. She liked Halloween alot.

She was scared that night. At about 10 o’clock, she got out of her bed and she went downstairs. It was just then some scary shadows showed on the ceiling. She looked behind her. She saw a pirate. She was too scared to scream. She was ripping the face off the pirate when she realized that it came right off in her hands. She stopped, her dog was there and the pirate mask was on the ground. It was only her dog dressing up with her brother’s halloween costume.

The next day, it was already time to go trick-or-treating. This time she would go alone. She was almost ready to go. When she was starting out, she saw a small whispy little creature flying around.

She came up to it and asked, “Who are you?”

“I’m a fairy,” she said.

“Why was my dog in my brother’s halloween costume?”

“Well, your dog was chasing me around and the only thing I could block with was a costume.”

“Oh” Anna said. “I was just wondering why you are here?”

“Well, can you help me with a party?”

“Sure, where at”


“Ok, lets head outside.”

They were outside and wink of an eye they were off. But when they got there, there was something monsterish came from a corner. What was it? It looked scary, very scary. They flew up. It was this pumpkin-like creature. It flopped towards them. They raced up to fairy village. They were there fast.

They went right to work, baking cakes and making costumes.

Soon it was time for the girl to leave. But the fairies made sure she got a bunch of candy, a buteerfly costume and a stuffed animal cat.

“The Unforgettable Halloween Party” by Emily Osborne

1st place, fourth grade, Kremmling

Once on a Hallows Eve, long ago there was an unforgettable party. It was the day before Halloween and very fancy invitations were handed out to the monsters. Every monster was so excited and had to pick out one amazingly wonderful outfit!

Then at 5 p.m. it was time for the unforgettable party! Everyone came in stunning vehicles! When Frankenstein and Frankie go there they fell in love. When Frank went to get some punch for him and Frankie, Zobo the zombie started dancing with Frankie. This made Frank so mad, that he electrocuted Zobo!

Then after that Dracula announced the top monster. When Frank won and came to thank Drac he nearly stepped on him. Everyone got scrumptious treats. Plus every monster got a special gift for coming.

There was one woman who wasn’t invited. So she the Ice Queen froze everyone. Since this Queen had done this to the monsters, they had been frozen for half an hour. Then she saw goodness in her heart and unfroze them. So after this she had become friends with everyone.

Then guess what happened, Casper’s uncles scared everyone. Everybody nearly died, or redied. A ghost from the Howgee Paper had a heart attack.

Oh if I didn’t mention this before the party was in a haunted house. But instead of it being all dusty and dirty, the house was pretty clean. Also did I mention that the Headless Horseman and his new bride were there, too.

Well we have come to the end of our story, and still nobody knows what happened.

“The Green Smoke” by Sage Johnson

1st Place, fourth grade, Hot Sulphur Springs

Once upon a time there was a group of teenagers. They were on the bus when a flash of green smoke was in the air. It was like wind was blowing green smoke, but it was not windy at all. The five people in the group are Rachel, Alex, Elizabeth, Merry, and Lee. Lee was very shy but, she’s great at hiding. It would take hours to find her. Merry is in to animals. She could make them go to sleep and even walk right up to a lion without getting a scratch! Next there is Elizabeth, she is amazing with sports. Her favorite is swimming. She can hold her breath for four minutes. Then there’s Rachel. She is great with computers and being very smart. She can hack into anything. Last is Alex, and he is great with traps. He can even trap green smoke.

So, the smoke looked like swirls and lightning. The lightning was a dim red and black. The swirls were a bright green and a small bit of blue. Then it all was surrounded with a strong thick dark green. The group wanted to find out what was the smoke and why it is our and about. But out of no where it stopped and turned in to a very tall man. He was about 6 feet 2 inches. He had a long mustache and a tattoo that looked like a phantom. Rachel was amazed to see this. Alex was thinking of a trap when the bus stopped for no reason at all. But then the strange man walked in to the bus then he ran through the bus as fast as lightning. He kidnapped Rachel and turned into smoke again, but Rachel was floating on top. She tried to roll off but she was too high. Suddenly the smoke went straight down and it was like they vanished. Alex was thinking for a good trap. The group snuck out of the bus to go and investigate for clues, Merry found a hole to go down to the caves of death. They found the green smoke and Rachel. Lee gave Rachel a signal. She shined her flashlight on a broken piece of glass and made a reflection close to her. Then the smoke turned into his real form phantom. He put Rachel in a small rusty cage and then he left the cave of death. They heard more cars stopping and more screams. They also heard more cages closing. Then when they got Rachel out they found a locket. The picture was a phantom and a girl. They recognized the girl and she also had a picture just like it. Her name was Rosa and she had loved him but he vanished and she had been sad since. But the group got her and went back. The phantom saw her and turned into a nice man. The End

Untitled By Faris Jones

1st place, fifth grade, Kremmling

“Hey! Stop splashing,” chuckled Canepa, yet annoyed. “It’s only water!” came a reply from her best guy friend, Larson. It was summer break, and the two pre-teens decided to go swimming in mic forest at Alcone lake. Although, they haven’t a clue what’s in store…

Larson gave Canepa a slight glance and saw her face turn red with fury and fright. “Why did you grab my leg stupid!” Confusion burned on his face. “YOU know, I don’t like that!” “Nepa! I’m way over here!” “Still, I thought you’d know about my hypersensitivity.” Finally she looked where I was. Her skin went from red, to white. “Ahhhhhhh!” she cried, and lunged toward shore.

Canepa wrapped her towel around herself as if she was putting a spark in her hair out. Larson started to get out when he heard her speaking to him. “Wh-wh-who’s, th-th-that?” Nepa studdered. He looked around but saw nothing but trees surrounding. “Where?” She lifted a shivering finger to one of the branches across the lake. Larson darted his head the way she showed. Atop a low, sturdy branch, a man sat. The eerie man had an eye-patch, and but one arm. He began to stare their way. “I never thought anyone would come back here after what happened,” the man started to say. He jumped down. Talking, while edging closer. His voice sounded like a car going over gravel. “YOU do know what happened, don’t you?” Both shook their heads anxiously. “Um, we were just leaving sir— “ “No, you weren’t! YOU two were laughing away before I came. Don’t lie.” “Sorry sir.” “Well do I have to force you ask to hear it?”

“A family, with a youngster like you two, was enjoying summer break with their son. Here at the lake. The boy was the only one swimming.” “Alone?” the two questioned. “Do you want to here the story or not?” the man shot back. “But no, his mother was watching close by. Most of the time. Father called for dinner and she looked away for a split second, then he was gone.”

“Did he drown?” asked Larson. “That question still remains unanswered. But legend has it, he’s still alive. Through the still air whispers come: ‘Mommy? Where are you mommy?’” That instant, all you could hear was screaming, young boy cries to his mother, “Larson! What-TOUCHED-MY-FOOT!!!!!!!” “I-I don’t know! We should get out of here— “ “WAIT!” Canepa stopped dead in her tracks. “We don’t know what happened to the boy!” “We also don’t know if we’re going to die!” she exclaimed. “Ok, that was extreme. But seriously, do you want to stay here, after hearing a story like that?” He nodded. “Oh, fine, then.”

It took them 2 hours to find a clue. 2 shoes sat in a bush on the shoreline, about Larson’s size. The third hour they found two puzzling clues. One was a moist patch of ground with pebbles covering it (the only one through the forest). The second was a rope swing tire with boxer/swimming shorts in it. The sight mad Canepa shiver. Trying to bring the clues to a conclusion Larson and Canepa headed to the south side of the pond to sit on the bench. Once sitting, Canepa laid her head back and shut her eyes. “Honestly. I think we’re stumped. We should just leave.” It was awkwardly silent. “Larson?” She looked over to see an empty bench. “Where’s Larson!”

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