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Teens express themselves through FOREVER YOUNG

Damaris Acevedo
Forever Young editor

With this inaugural edition of Forever Young, we extend a hearty welcome to a new crop of Grand County teen contributors to the Sky-Hi News.

It speaks volumes that these young people have taken it upon themselves to spend their invaluable free time contributing to their local newspaper. It also belies stereotypes that casually – and erroneously – cast all teens as aimless and lazy.

Note that they do this independently of school credit or any official school involvement, that they alone provide the impetus and energy. I stand in awe and hope our community will support them in any way practical.

– Drew Munro

As teenagers, we have a lot to say, but no one listens. We have opinions and thoughts but because we are “too young,” no one cares, and we have no way of expressing them. However, an opportunity has been given to us – we are able to express ourselves openly and freely to share our thoughts through the Sky-Hi News in Granby.

After my internship at Sky-Hi News, I wished to extend to my fellow students the opportunity the newspaper staff gave me of expressing myself. There are many bright and hard working students who want the chance to say what they want. Working alongside Sky-Hi, we will give them that chance.

Students such as McCall Linke, Marina Koepke, Randi Strandberg and I are dedicating our free time to write about issues that surround us, as well as writing about our thoughts and opinions. We are given that chance to show the county through this section in Sky-Hi News called Forever Young.

I know everyone, especially teenagers, has something to say. That is why I welcome students who wish to express themselves to submit their work and be heard. We are no longer “too young” to be heard. It’s our turn to speak up.

I thank Sky-Hi News and their staff for their support and the opportunity they have given me and my fellow classmates to produce a student newspaper.

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