This nation is great enough to provide opportunities for all |

This nation is great enough to provide opportunities for all

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in response to the many negative remarks as to the state of our country and hope to respond in a positive fashion.

The United States has always been based on the concept of “opportunity for all” Opportunity includes the ability to find work that can support the basic necessities of life, the opportunity to acquire an education which will prepare an individual to experience a meaningful life, as well as relate to others in the community, country, and world, the opportunity to live in a safe home with confidence in government agencies to preserve that safety, and the right to hold beliefs different from other groups.

Historically, until the last 50 years, many of these opportunities have been limited to those of the “correct” race, gender (male), philosophy and lifestyle. Now the world has changed and people of color, alternative beliefs, and females, are asking for the same opportunities.

No longer is the economy of the world based on the United States and European communities. There are no “self made” individuals. By just being born in the United States, one has an advantage over most of the world. Hard work and diligence for excellence can only be rewarded if an individual has opportunity to succeed.

Let us as individuals, community members, and citizens of the United State and the world strive to support opportunities for all people.

Jean Warner Kafer

Grand Lake

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