Granby letter writer clarifies criticism of ‘Central View’ |

Granby letter writer clarifies criticism of ‘Central View’

To the Editor:

I apologize for not making myself more clear to some of you in my response to William Hamilton’s “Central View.” The point I was trying to make was that William Hamilton’s opinions are no more a “central view” than was my response.

He has a far right opinion and his columns always reflect that perspective. I admire his eloquence and I absolutely respect his right to his opinions. However, my concern was about his claim (and the newspaper’s acceptance) that his reporting comes from an unbiased or “central” view when it most certainly does NOT. That’s all I tried to point out, albeit not so well. It obviously deteriorated into a “liberal” versus “conservative” discussion, which was NOT my intent, and I apologize.

As far as Sen. Obama, I was merely trying to offer a different perspective in order to offset Mr. Hamilton’s attempt to discredit him. Sen. Obama is whom Mr. Hamilton chose to attack most strongly in his “guilt by association” article and, by innuendo, call him a terrorist. THAT is an extreme right-wing opinion. Sen. Obama is NOT a terrorist. And yes, it astounds me that anyone can call that a “central view” opinion.

In response to the “feel good” programs to which Mr. Trainor refers, I certainly DO have a DIFFERENT, although not necessarily “liberal” viewpoint. I don’t believe that education, veteran’s benefits and hospitals (especially in a time of war), programs for children, the disabled or elderly, are unnecessary or merely “feel good.” Mr. Trainor talks about an individual’s “moral character,” but I’d ask where is the “moral character” of our nation?

Our country has drastically cut programs that affect our most vulnerable and allows the wealthiest Americans to pay the least taxes. How is that moral? We invaded a country that performed NO act of aggression against us and had absolutely NO ties to the Sept. 11 terrorist attack, yet the war was justified by it. How is that moral? This war has caused the death of more than TWICE as many Americans as were killed by Saudi Arabian terrorists on Sept. 11. Yet, Saudi Arabia remains a staunch ally in the Mideast. How is THAT moral?

The $3.5 BILLION dollars spent every WEEK on a controversial war would fund all the programs that make me “feel good” for many decades and also give our country the moral character that I think it has been lacking. Does that make me a liberal? My Dutch grandfather earned his American citizenship by serving with the U.S. Army in France during WW I. My father was a career Marine pilot. My father-in-law fought in WWII. My husband served in Vietnam. All three of my sons have served (and one is still serving) in our country’s armed forces.

I consider myself to be an extreme patriot as proved by my family’s record of military service. I absolutely believe in a strong defense budget. Does that make me a conservative? I support the Sierra Club, does that make me a liberal? I support the NRA; does that make me a conservative? I also support the idea that we have more in common as Americans than we have differences due to our political affiliations. The “divide and conquer” tactics are used by politicos to sway us as voters and they do NO good for our country. Sen. Obama is the first politician who seems to agree with me on this point. It certainly has nothing to do with his “personal charm.” It has EVERYTHING do with his message of setting aside politics to create a REAL “central view” for America.

Kathy Gilbertson


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