Grand County real estate transactions, Aug. 20-26 |

Grand County real estate transactions, Aug. 20-26

Grand County Real Estate Transactions from Aug. 20 to Aug. 26.

Fairways at Pole Creek Lot 1 48 — Auran Family Trust to JoAnne Shatford Adams and Sammy Adams, $862,050

Lakota Park Subdivision Lot 98 — David Shreiner to Brandon Downs, $282,000

Creekside at Winter Park Condo Unit 501 — Eden Elder to Laura Bond and Sean LaClair, $299,000

Granby Ranch Filing 5, First Administrative Plat Lot 15 — Harlan Logsdon and Christina Norris to Muzzy Lake Memories Ltd, Longs Peak View Retreat LLC, $409,000

Hi Country Haus Bldg 13, Unit 15 — James and Andrea Palumbo to Lisa and Michael Pirraglia II, $155,000

Aspen Pine Estates Filing #1, Lot 6 — Aspen Pine Estates Inc to Christopher and Andrea Depas, $140,000

Mountainside at SilverCreek C U 86, Timeshare 086551 — Frederick and JoAnn Beckman to Heidi and Lisa O’Neill, $500

Fairways at Pole Creek Lot 2 55 — Jason and Sylvie Rembert to Sean and Lisa Amsbaugh, $225,000

Shadow Mountain Yacht Club Unit 10, Bldg Craig; Shadow Mountain Yacht Club Garage Unit 10 — Henry Hartman to Brad Kupfer, $373,000

Blue Valley Acres Lot 17, Block 1 — Roger May to Blue Water Colorado LLC, $150,000

Moose Run Sub & Outright Exemption Lot 9 — Sarah Barnes to Brian and Karen Wendling, $1,099,900

Granby Ranch Filing 2B, Lot 51 — Thomas and Darlene Jeffrey to David and Marcielle Sardinta, $524,900

Iron Horse Bldg C, Condo Unit 5103 — Edward Kimm Gervaise Jr to Robert and Claire Bulkley, $203,000

Lakota Flg 6, Tract E, Lot12, Third Replat — Frank and Patricia Douthit to Michael and Sandra Andretich, $130,000

Winter Park Meadows Condo Units 7D,8D — Warren and Carie Johnson to Libby and Parker Thomson III, $127,000

Granby 2nd Block 12, Lots 28,29,30 – Partial Legal — See Documents — Kimberlee and Kamindra Nanda to Linda Crane and Stacy Michele Maalik-Ul-Mulk, $194,500

Innsbruck-Val Moritz Sub Lot 47, Block 19 — Karolina Marcinkeviciute to Hector Galaviz, $18,000

Colorado Anglers Club #1, Block 7, Lots 12,13 — Kevin and Pamela Ortell to Carol Tarkington and Todd Spain, $94,000

Granby Ranch Filing 8, Lot 5 — Jeffery Sanchez and Laura Manning to Ryan and Rebecca Maskewitz, $449,900

Base Camp One Condos Unit 413R — Jay Wopschall; Charles, Shawna and Susan Barnhart to Carolyn Paulsen, $210,000

Crestview Place Condominiums Unit A305 — Edward and Patricia Leary to Sanjeev and Aastha Pant, $316,500

Meadow Ridge Lodges Court 20, Unit 6 — Michael and Monica Graves to Andrew and Jennifer Vold, $254,000

Clubhouse Cabins & Village at Saddle Ridge Lot C4; Village at Elk Track 2nd Flg Grand Elk Ranch & Club, Lots 5,6,25,26,27,28 — Centennial Bank to Gelco LLC, $30,000

Moraine Park Lot 7, Block 1 — Megan, Sara and Gerald Bennett to Dave Wiles, $50,000

Sunset Ridge Filing #2, Lot 21, Block 6 — Dave Joseph Trust and Sue Joseph Trust to Bret and Cynthia Clement, $615,000

Lakeside at Pole Creek Townhomes Unit 10A — Thomas and Cindy Voll to Mark L Fenimore Revocable Trust and Mary Ann Fenimore Revocable Trust, $495,000

Old Park Lot 39 — John Devaul Spillane Est Of to Bryan and Morgan Klotz, $218,000

Meadow Ridge Lodges Court 8, Unit 5 — Jelinek Family Trust to Laura and Bernard Manker IV, $247,000

Creekside at Winter Park Condo Unit 601 — Douglas and Heather Killeen to Richard and Cathleen Ratschkowsky, $298,500

Grand Elk Ranch & Club Lot A21 — Janet Lou McIntosh Living Trust to Sharon Silva, $6,667

Ouray Ranch Condos Lot MF1 — Elinor Feiss to Christopher and Karen Graham, $200,000

Old Park Filing #4, Lot 8, Block B — Grace McCreight, Grace Malznka to Stanley and Vickie Wolfe, $44,950

Timber Run Condo Units 2,16, Bldg 11 — James and Judith Graham to Charles and Kathleen Errico, $270,000

Summit at Winter Park Ranch TRTS D,E,F,G — Silverleaf Resorts Inc to Blanca Peak Capital LLC, $900,000

Columbine Lake Lot 35, Block 8 — Harry Family Trust to Ryan Brown, $377,000

Winter Park Village Lot 1, Block 4 — Joseph Bell to Douglas Olson, $155,000

Shorewood Subdivision Block 6, Lots 6,22 — Diane N Bishop Trust to Timothy and Annette Bradley, $60,000

Iron Horse Building C, Condo Unit 4063 — Jason Hebb to Michael Shreiber and Susan Zierenberg, $150,000

Rabbit Ears Village Subdivision Lot 8 — Filip Angelov Trust and Lauren Angelov Trust to Constantin and Maria Stefanescu, $14,000

Grand Lake Estates 1st Filing Lot 8, Block 7; SEC 6 TWP 3N R 75W Partial Legal — See Document — Pinewood Grand Lake LLC, Scott and Shaun Stanberry to Paul and Jennifer Gale, $815,000

Trestle Townhomes Unit 3B — Ricardo Gonzales and Patricia Shaw to 927 Mulligan Street LLC, $376,000

Innsbruck-Val Moritz Sub Lot 20, Block 21 — Petr and Julie Van Valkenburg, Petr Simunek to Daniel and Cammie Freed, $13,000

Grand Lake Estates 1st Filing Lot 14, Block 4 — Cameron and Megan Bertron to Mary Wilson, $50,000

Grand Meadows Granby Lot 17, Block 1 — Lawna Artman to Sara McGinley, $210,500

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