Grand County real estate transactions, Aug. 27-Sept.2 |

Grand County real estate transactions, Aug. 27-Sept.2

Transactions from Aug. 27 to Sept. 2.

Innsbruck-Val Moritz Sub Lot 47, Block 14 — Michael and Melanie Parker to Loryn and Shelain Abrams, $32,500

Meadow Ridge Lodges Court 12, Unit 3 — SSD Investment LLC to Keith Little, $249,500

Hills at Winter Park Ranch Lot 6 — Martha M Ha Revocable Trust, Martha Ha to Deric and Natalie Bert, $390,000

Tabernash Block 3, Lots 5,6 — Dinamic Holding & Leasing LLC to Marci and Christopher Bergquist Jr, $150,000

Tabernash Block 3, Lot 4 — D S & B Holdings LLC to Marci and Christopher Bergquist Jr, $75,000

Val Moritz Village 2nd Filing, Lot 9, Block 3 — Lawrence P Hartlaub Revocable Trust to Joshua and Melissa Gregory, $29,500

Silverado II Condo Unit 314, Bldg 3 — Graham Duthoit to Joseph Hershman, $230,000

Granby Ranch 1B, Lot 49 — William Lyon Homes Inc, Village Homes, NVH INV LLC to Jay Thorp and Brian Rindels, $275,000

Planning Area 6W Exemption Plat — Cornerstone Winter Park Holdings LLC to Town of Fraser, $500

East Mountain Filing 5, Lot 104 — Rendezvous Homes LLC to Donald and Ann Zimmer, $980,000

Dreamcatcher Townhomes Lot 6B — Michael and Margaret Provenzano to Omega Prairie LLC, $275,000

Lakota Flg 4, Tract D, Lot 50 — Alspach Family Partners to George Bailie and Kimberly Twiggs, $229,000

Lyons Homestead Subdivision Lot F, Block 3; Lyons Homestead Subdivision Lot Y, Block 6; Cairns Docking Area Lot 10, Block 1 — Janet Sodd to William and Carol Lupton, $530,000

Shorewood Subdivision Lot 6, Block 2 — Richard Larned to Edgar Matute and Amy Roberts, $50,000

Grandview Townhomes Lot 1; Grandview Townhomes Parking 1; Grandview Townhomes Locker Space 1 — David Headley and Vila Saray Gutierrez to Robert and Cynthia Conover, $670,000

Timbers Condominiums Unit 5, Bldg 2 — Paul Solko to Patricia McCarthy, $249,900

Reserve at Elkhorn Ridge Subd Lot 9 — Kaylin and Kimala Gray to Eric Olson and Lauren Schmidt, $1,900,000

Beaver Village Flg #2, Bldg 1, Unit 203 — Rae F Patterson Trust to Bryan and Krista Verbeek, $262,000

Hideaway Village Filing #2, Lot 13 — Stephen and Sarah Greenberg to Mara Pacyga and Craig Kobe, $599,000

Beaver Village Flg 3, Bldg 15, Unit 102 — Deena Tarleton to Derek Jotzat, $255,000

Granby Ranch Filing 1, Lot 23 — Kevin Andrew Paprzycki Trust and Andrea Marie Hidvegi Paprzycki to Daniel and Sabrina Machiniak, $455,000

Elk Creek Village Unit B, Bldg A — Thomas and Suzanne Flores to Chris and Tarrah Jolly, Justin and Amanda Lee, $230,000

Old Park Filing #2, Lot 17, Block A — JoAnne C Hill Revocable Trust to Jeffrey and Sandi Nichols, $530,000

Ward S Subdivision Exemption TRTS A,B — Jonni Cowdery to Luis Dominguez and Shavanh Romero, $75,000

Frontier Investment Company Addition to Kremmling Block 3, Lots 1,2,3,4,5,6; Frontier Investment Company Addition to Kremmling Block 3, Lot 7 — Partial Legal — See Document — Brendan and Shirl Gale to Brett Derby and M Cummings Brydie, $339,000

Vasquez Creek Townhomes Unit 5 — Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to David and Laura Haber, $44,900

Sunnyshore Park First Filing Lot 25, Block 1 — David and Karen Schoen to Danielle Witte, $320,760

Timber Run Condo Unit 3, Bldg 10 — Peter Ossian and Nancy Cason to Gunkel Trust, $320,000

Columbine Lake Lot 47, Block 3 — Darriel Wallace Family Trust and Marie Wallace Family Trust to Ryann Reddy, $359,000

Lakeview Waterside West Condos Garage Unit F; Lakeview Waterside West Condos Unit 304, Bldg B — Bradley and Ann Sather to Justin and Rebekah Hartman, $410,000

Hot Sulphur Springs 1st Addn Block 7, Lots 19,20,21 — Maura and Donald Ransom Sr to Keith and Rachel Eggleston, $380,000

Soda Springs Ranch Filing 2, Unit D1, TRT A — Mark and Mona Baxley to William A Ellison Trust and Amelia R Ellison Trust, $210,000

Bussey Hills Subdivision Block 13, Lots 1,2,3,21,22 — Ronald and R Pauleta Oehlerking, Lindsay Ivey to Lindsay Ivey, $220,000

Gore City Block 16, Lots 16,17,18 — Philip and Colleen Bonds, Elizabeth Hart to Elizabeth Hart, $207,900

Mountainside at SilverCreek B U 33 Timeshares 033148,033149 — Lester, Errolyn and Gregri Lowman to Mountainside SilverCreek Timeshare Association, $500

SEC 7 TWP 1N R 80W Partial Legal — See Document — Richard Watson to Martin Dackonish, $146,000

Hi Country Haus Bldg 13, Unit 2 — Andrew Leifer to Brandon Callas and Kendra McIntosh, $160,000

Grandview Villas Unit 208 — Tina Tehan to Jacob Virant and Keely Conway, $210,000

Trinder Subdivision TRT 6 — Cairns Ranch LLC to Eric and Lynn Westerman, $215,000

Ice Box Estates 1st Addition Lot 39 — Fletcher Clinton Brown Estate Of to Julie Brown, $500

Pine Beach Subdivision Lot 6, Block 4 — E Frederick and Linda Ernst to Nelson and Kim Brugh, $414,000

Columbine Lake Lot 58, Block 3 — Jeffrey and Kimberly Buckley to Jennifer Fuller, Terry and Rita Schiessler, $450,000

Hill Addition to Kremmling Lot 4; Frontier Investment Company Addition to Kremmling — Partial Legal — See Document — Harlan Land to Michael and Christina Lockhart, $404,915.58

Old Park Filing #4, Lot 24, Block D — Mary Anne Bishop to William Tveter, $35,000

Old Park Filing #4, Lot 4, Block A — Keith Moore to Ian McGregor, $65,000

Pine Beach Subdivision Hillside Addn Lot 8, Block 8 — Edwin Hines, Tiffany Hines Weinmeister, DeAnn Hines Szyfer to Jason and Jessica Sanderson, $38,900

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