Kremmling " Cliffview co-managers enjoy working with senior residents |

Kremmling " Cliffview co-managers enjoy working with senior residents


Cliffview Assisted Living Center co-managers Mary Joe Hargadine and Barb Elliott say the best part of their job is spending time with the senior citizens.

Hargadine has lived in Grand County for 22 years and has worked at Cliffview for more than 13 years.

“I’ve done every position you can think of there,” she laughed.

People from all walks of life live at the residence, she said.

“Over there everyone ends up at the same place,” Hargadine said. “We have doctors, teachers, CPAs, ranchers ” all coming together and living together. It’s just really fun to see. And they all get along.”

Her mother-in-law also lived there.

The center’s capacity is 28 residents, with four of its rooms larger to accommodate couples, said Hargadine, who also doubles as a registered nurse at Kremmling Memorial Hospital. She works six days a week, splitting her workdays between Cliffview and the hospital.

“The fun part for me is taking care of the residents,” she said.

She and Elliott handle personnel issues, the schedule, property, patient care and plan activities for the residents.

“We have a boat ride scheduled this week,” Hargadine said, noting that Grand County Council and Aging has organized the activity and invited all Grand County seniors.

They also have a family picnic in the works.

“We’ve taken care of over 115 people from throughout the county and everywhere,” she said. “I’d say about half of them are usually from Grand County and have grown up from around here.”

She said a lot of seniors have gone to school in the area.

“That’s been fun for me. You get a piece of history,” she said, adding that they are like grandparent figures. “I love the residents, just getting to know them. Just getting that wisdom from the elderly.”

Elliott shares responsibilities with Hargadine and enjoys working in Kremmling.

“It’s a town you feel good in because you know it’s safe and secure,” she said. “You can walk anywhere, ride your bike anywhere. I know people say they get a good feeling when they come in here too.”

After graduating from the University of Wyoming in 1981 with a major in social work and emphasis in dermatology, Elliott moved to Colorado.

In 1994, she helped open Cliffview and was the residence service director. She has now returned to the assisted living center after being gone for 10 years.

“I’m glad to be back,” she said. “I love it.”

“Being back with the seniors,” she said is the best part. “I missed them. I enjoy it. Senior citizens are my favorite.”

Elliott also works at Cliffside Inn when she’s not at Cliffview.

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