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Letter: The right to bear arms is still intact

The right to bear arms is still intact

To the Editor:

In response to Brett Reeter and all others who like partial interpretations to select portions of the U.S. Constitution: Pay attention to the first three words of the 2nd Amendment, “A Well Regulated.” I don’t see how a sentence that starts with those words grants an individual the right to any weapon, anywhere for any purpose.

Are there any politicians, elected or otherwise, who are advocating an “unconstitutional gun ban”? Who are these dastardly Americans who would take away your right to a firearm.

Justice Scalia, one of the most rigidly conservative Justices on the Supreme Court, acknowledges that the government may pose reasonable limits as to the types of weapons, the places where weapons may be possessed, and the manner in which weapons are sold and bought. I have not seen any legislation proposed or enacted that does not pass muster with Justice Scalias written opinion in the recent “Heller vs. D.C.” decision. But then that’s my opinion. Yours and my opinions matter, just not very much. The opinions on the constitution expressed by members of the U.S. Supreme Court do matter, a lot.

18th Century aphorisms are often very witty, especially those authored by Benjamin Franklin. One should be careful, I think, of confusing wit with wisdom.

Andy Womack


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