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Letter to the editor: Schowalter

Why I am Voting for Romney

To the Editor:

I am voting for Romney because he believes in the integrity of the constitution, limited government, that no one should be forced to join a union to keep a job, free enterprise and personal liberty.

The contrast between the candidates could not be more distinct. This is too important an election to vote for whom you like the most. It should be a careful decision as to what direction we want the country to go – toward socialism and more government or back to free enterprise and personal freedom.

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Obama does not believe in the constitution. He took an oath to enforce the laws of the country in 2009 and then issued orders that he will not enforce the immigration law, the marriage law, the welfare law and the marijuana law. Obama has bullied the Supreme Court and went on record to not enforce the portion of the Arizona Immigration law upheld by the court. He thinks he is above the law and is trying to rule as a dictator.

Obama thinks he is smarter than you and me and wants to control every part of our lives. For the Democrats, the solution for every problem is more government and more laws. They have already taken over health care, banking and just missed taking over the entire energy business. Government already spends 40 percent of our GDP. Does any voter think more government will solve any of our problems?

Obama believes in the redistribution of wealth, which is the basis of socialism and communism. This is not surprising as he was raised and educated as a communist – see movie 2016. Socialism has never worked and results in shared misery.

Obama believes that every worker should be forced to join a union or pay full union dues. That is the publicly stated goal of Craig Becker who Obama appointed to the National Labor Relations Board. This appointment is typical of the radicals Obama appoints to run our country.

Lastly, I am voting for Romney because he is a proven leader in business, the Olympics, and government. He has the experience, guts and the will to work with the Democrats to make the hard decisions needed to save us from bankruptcy and to improve the economy. Obama was supposed to be the healer of our country but turned out to be the great divider.

Tim T. Schowalter


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