Mad Munchies in Granby will not close, thanks to local entrepreneur |

Mad Munchies in Granby will not close, thanks to local entrepreneur

Lucas Harville stands in front of the Mad Munchies sign in Granby. Harville, owner of Lion Head Coffee in Granby, purchased the long-time restaurant last week.
Sawyer D’Argonne / Sky-Hi News |

Granby institution and restaurant Mad Munchies is set to reopen this week under new ownership.

Lion Head Coffee Owner Lucas Harville purchased the restaurant after the sale between former owners Ed and Maxine Landa and another party unexpectedly fell through. The restaurant was set to close down until Harville stepped in at the 11th hour.

“They needed to get something for the time and the money they put in, and that was important for us,” said Harville. “It’s a staple in our county. It’s been here for 20 years; we didn’t want to see someone from Denver own it and we don’t want to see it abandoned.”

Harville said he intends to keep the restaurant mostly the same, offering a similar lunch menu, while also expanding on service. Mad Munchies will begin offering breakfast by start of the coming ski season, and will bring wine and beer to the menu next summer.

The restaurant will also work in a kind of symbiosis with Lion Head Coffee, bringing gourmet coffee products to Mad Munchies, and allowing fresh breakfast burritos and smoothies to be sold at Lion Head.

“There’s so many opportunities that it brings for us,” said Harville. “There’s a lot of things that we were limited on at Lion Head with space. Now we can have events and just bring in some more eclectic dining.”

Harville also plans to hold special events at Mad Munchies, including bringing in specialty chefs from Denver to offer Cajun, Italian, and other dining staples to the restaurant.

But for Harville, the overall goal is freedom.

“The definition of an entrepreneur is someone who would rather work 100 hours for themselves than 40 for someone else,” he said. “This still gives me freedom. If you find a job you enjoy, it’s not work. I’d like to have a bunch of money at the end of this, but for now we just want to do good for Granby.”

Harville plans to open another coffee shop in Winter Park — following the success of his newest location, albeit a temporary one, in Grand Lake, which is set to close in October — though that goal has been pushed back with the purchase of Mad Munchies, helped along with a financial infusion from Joe Kelley of Power World.

Mad Munchies is expected to open by mid-week, and will likely operate on a 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. schedule. That, however, is dependent on when the restaurant receives its food license, but it is not expected to take long.

“We just hope everyone comes back, and we want to hear what they have to say,” said Harville. “We know most people loved this place the way it was, so we’re going to keep 99 percent of it the same, and just redial some stuff.”

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