Granby poised to terminate Safebuilt services |

Granby poised to terminate Safebuilt services

Tonya Bina
Sky-Hi Daily News
Grand County, CO Colorado

Granby officials are putting the town’s contracted building company, Safebuilt Inc., on notice for lagging response times and inspector turnover.

From a unanimous decision made on Oct. 27, Safebuilt soon could face a 90-day termination notice, per its contract with the town.

Town Manager Wally Baird told the Granby board of trustees that in the past seven to eight months, he’s fielded “second-hand complaints and concerns about Safebuilt.”

Mayor Jennifer Pierro and Trustee Greg Mordini agreed, saying they too had been hearing negative feedback about the service.

“Of the calls I get, three-fourths are in complaint about the building inspection system,” Pierro said.

Reached after the decision, Safebuilt Director of Operations Matt Royer said he aims to work out perceived problems.

Royer said he was only aware of one problem the town had with its pavilion a few weeks ago. Other than that, he said, no other issues had been brought to his attention.

“We’ve gotten positive feedback,” he said. “That’s why I was surprised when there was an issue.”

Royer conceded that one change the company plans to make in Granby is its policy to only have correspondence in writing during permit reviews. “Grand County contractors are used to the inspector and plans examiner calling them,” he said.

Royer said the company has had presence in the area every day, with two building officials, one plans examiner and three inspectors on call for Granby.

“We’re trying to take as much off the town’s plate as we can,” he said, “and make it as easy for them as possible.” And with decreased construction in the town, he added it is to the town’s benefit to “have the flexibility to adjust (Safebuilt) employees based on the work load.”

Royer was scheduled to meet with town officials to discuss matters.

After that meeting, Wally Baird said that the company promised to make improvements, but that the board’s direction sustains “to go a different direction.”

As part of the vote on Oct. 27, the mayor and trustees had directed Baird to research possible options for Safebuilt’s replacement, such as the town returning to the county building department, joining the Winter Park-Fraser building department or contracting its own inspector.