Grand Fire remembers 9/11 on anniversary of attacks |

Grand Fire remembers 9/11 on anniversary of attacks

The Grand Fire Protection District is honoring 9/11 today with a 15 foot by 25 foot American flag hung from two fire trucks and visible to passersby on US Highway 40.

Interestingly, the fire trucks from which the flag waves are both 330 towers, but they’re decades apart. The department’s old 330 fire truck was purchased in 1984 and has since been taken out of regular use with the department upgrading to a newer 330.

A representative of Grand Fire said they have unfurled the large flag every Sept. 11 for at least the last five years. Also, the flag makes regular appearances at Snow Mountain Ranch on Veteran’s Day and in Grand Lake for Constitution Day, as Grand Fire partners with neighboring districts to hang the flag.

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